Sunday, June 28, 2009

Which Was the Best Part

Once again, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson inserted themselves in a place where, although they have no business, they simply can’t resist the much underserved public attention that they get. A clear case for “Sit down and shut up”. In addition, the television networks have taken that step beyond overkill. So now it’s all Michael, all the time. Yes, he was always a genius. Even as a small boy (that’s when he was an African American young boy), there was no doubt that he was a musical prodigy. And yes he was a talent, he could sing and dance and choreograph with the best in the business. (That’s when he began his attempts to be white). And yes, he may even have been the catalyst for the pop music we know today. (That happened as his reputation for being eccentric or “Whacko Jacko” was part of how you described him). He was truly a complicated artist. What exactly does that mean – and is it an excuse for his ridiculous lifestyle, extraordinary ability to spend and waste money, and questionable behavior with young children? I am uncomfortable about a celebration of someone who dies because he is taking no less than eight dangerous highly addictive prescription drugs – thank you Dr. Conrad Murray. I am uncomfortable about the non-stop Michael Jackson conversation. It is overblown and, quite frankly, (much of it because of his lawyer/spokesman Brian Oxman), boring.

And what about our Farrah Fawcett who seems to have been forgotten in the Michael Jackson hysteria. She struggled for years and died too. She was not the headline because her death was dignified and without what you would call “the hoopla”. Jesse and Al made no appearance for her. Nope, only Dr. Piro, her long time physician explained the person she was (he called it the FF element) and a death she fought but without success. She was full of surprises, he said. Just when you thought she had lost her battle, she would make some comment that would let you know she was still listening. She had a greater impact on my life—and so many young women’s lives, than Michael Jackson. She was simply beautiful. Dark or blonde, we all tried to have “Farrah hair” and “Farrah beauty” – though it never worked for me. But she was adorable and strong, and that was what I yearned to be.

If I were to choose between having Dr. Piro or Brian Oxman, as the person who talked abut my life and death, guess who my choice would be.

I am so tired of Michael Jackson that I yearn for more information about (Gov.) Mark Sanford. I was desperate to hear more about his illegal spending and his feelings about his mistress. (What is a mistress!) The tears were the best part. No, the drivel about how he had no control over his heart. Or maybe it was the apology to his staff person. What an idiot. He resigned from the leadership of the Republican Governors’ Association. They all seem to have forgiven him for his indiscretion. I guess it must be because he used taxpayer money to get to Argentina to conduct that other business. Isn’t it interesting that (Gov.) Sanford, and (Speaker) Gingrich, and (Senator) Ensign and (Speaker Designate) Livingston were some of the most outspoken supporters of impeaching Bill Clinton because he did the same thing they were clearly doing – but they had yet to be caught. We’re just sayin’…. Iris


Anonymous said...


You got it RIGHT!

Enough already!

I can't believe How the networks are carrying on.

There are so many other important issues to cover.

Television and the news have become like the Star And National Enquirer.

Let Michael Rest in Peace.

Ted Azriel

Anonymous said...

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