Tuesday, June 09, 2009

An Unexpected Pleasure

So many blogs so little time... as they say. But I don't know who they is so...
I'm blogging on another site as Show Time Sadie. It's an entertainment revue and you might want to get some insider info. But I decided that our regular readers should also have access to this font of information. The site is http://www.twolia.com/blogs/bulletins-over-broadway/ Here's today's entry:

Show Time Sadie’s, “What’s in it For Me” Scale:
1. It was boring, or ordinary, or ho hum, don’t waste your time.
2. It was entertaining, but dinner would have been good too.
3. I was moved and enlightened and it changed my life.

My favorite time to go to the movies is in the morning or early afternoon. The only thing of which you need t be aware is that if school's out there will nice children with disrespectful parents who can't help talking to their children to make sure they are always having a good time. You often hear things like; "Oh honey look at that. Isn't that cute? You have something just like it. Don't you wish you could take that little creature home?" Or there may be a few elderly folk who have a hard time hearing what's happening on the screen, in which case you get; "WHAT DID THEY SAY? DID THEY SAY COFFEE OR COFFIN? or my own personal favorite, "WHY DON"T THEY MAKE THESE MOVIES SO PEOPLE CAN HEAR THEM?" (The upper case letters mean they are yelling because they think the person next to them can't hear either.)

But despite these inconsequential problems, it's usually not crowded and you can sit pretty much anywhere you want. My pal Marthena will tell you that I change seats at least 6 times-- and I do, but it all has to do with who is sitting nearby. Today was a little different because I went to "UP" and there was a group of 5 year old school children competing for every seat I wanted. It didn't matter, I'm bigger and was able to see over almost anyone in the theater.

If you haven't seen this masterful Pixar (Disney) presentation, (it's not really a cartoon), I would suggest you put on your running shoes and go at whatever time you can. Whatever you expect it to be, it is not that. It is a surprisingly tender love story. I don't want to give away anything that happens but it is so lovely and well crafted a story, that I wept in the beginning and was choked up periodically throughout. It was so good that I was not disturbed by the infant chatter or the adult hushing. And if you have the option see it in the 3D format. Oh, and I would suggest, (because you will enjoy it even more), that you see it with someone you love.

No question, I'm going back with the love of my life and giving it a 3 on the Show Time Sadie scale. We're just sayin....


Anonymous said...

Some reviewer you are..what's the name of the picture you teared up in, Sadie? Speaking of racism, the actress who appears in the latest Disney "princess" movie is a woman of color. In an interview on NPR recently she said, "Isn't it nice that young black girls this Halloween can dress up as Princess Tiania instead of wearing a yellow towel on their heads as blonde princesses." Wow. as a very old white princess that never occurred to me. I'm just sayin. Marthena

Iris and Clay said...

The movie is called "UP" and all old white princesses should see it.

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