Friday, August 25, 2006

The Littlest Jon

How sick are you of the three named John’s? Benet and Karr of course. So who are the people that the TV networks are claiming to satisfy with the gore of this story. I am so sick of hearing, “We’re just giving the people what they want.” I want names of those people.

When I was a kid my mother would say, “finish your dinner there are people starving in China.” I didn’t believe her either, so I asked her to name one. And whenever I went to THE (there was only one) Chinese restaurant, I would embarrass her by asking the owner if he had family who were starving on the other side of the world. So I pose the same question to the broadcast and cable networks, name one person who really, really, really, wants to hear more about this child pornographer, who married a 13 year old, beat and raped a bitty beauty queen and sat in business class at taxpayers expense.

It’s bad enough that the guy decides to confess in a far off land. And he calls a press conference. And we learn that maybe he was going to have a sex change and that’s why he went to Thailand. Or was it to meet little girls? What’s the difference. Maybe he liked little girls so much that he wanted to be one. Now that would have been a great topic for some talking head. But no, MSNBC had two whores, excuse me, experts on to talk about whether or not he’s guilty. They are both ex DA’s. One says he thinks maybe the guy is crazy (Duh) and didn’t commit the crime. And they have some other moron say that she is still convinced that Patsy Ramsey did it. Just what we need multiple truly loathsome talking heads to participate 24/7. Where is Ann Coulter in this debate? Have you ever wanted to put your hands around someone’s throat and squeeze – other than your mother. Patsy Ramsey died never knowing what happened to her daughter. Patsy Ramsey remains on trial for being the mother of a contestant. Are children’s beauty contests obscene? Yes, but so are all beauty contests and sports that encourage not only sexist behavior, but screaming parental confrontation. That is not the point. The feeding frenzy is the point.

And how did they feed? First the confession and the press conference. Then the trip back to LA. Then all the info about his past. Then the extradition to Colorado. All of these events peppered with interviews with know-it-alls and know it nothings. Today the red neck father and enraged brother appeared to defend their relative. OH MY GOD!

Here’s the bottom line. He’s guilty. He wants to have killed a little girl. Did he do it? I don’t care. Actually I want him to be guilty. I want everything he confessed to be true. I love my children so much that my insides hurt and I’m sure the Ramsey’s felt the same way. This needs to have a conclusion—soon. The American public needs to move on to war and hurricane recovery (by the way next week the President declared a day to honor the recovery. Someone should tell him there isn't one) and other important issues. Just stop showing her as a carnival act and give her story some dignity. Just let the littlest Jon rest in peace. We’re just sayin…


Walt said...

Cheap news to distract the masses while corporations make money selling soap and everything else under the sun.

The last time the public was distracted by cheap news was the disappearance of a Capital Hill intern and her relationship to a Congressman. Broadcast "journalists" couldn't get enough of it that summer.

So what really happened because America was asleep at the switch from all this none-news?

September 11.

So once again America will be saturated with none-news. Meanwhile America is suppose to be getting informed about the upcoming mid-term elections.

Do you think that corporate America really wants voters informed?

Anonymous said...

The biggest buzz in Key West these past few days was based on a single question. Jon who? The last time it reached this peak was the OJ Simpson trail. The Key West citizen ran a headline, OJ Who? The only other buzz around town is, When is Iris coming back?

Walt said...

DNA reprieve.

Forget the lynching.

Now on with the elections.