Monday, November 09, 2020

Post Op Post Op

 Update:   the Monster is still saying he won, and he won bigly. There apparently is no length to which he will go not to lose. Most  people would be embarrassed about this idiocy but not the Monster or all his little monsters and monsterettes.  Moving on, please.

Joe Biden said he will sign executive orders that put an end to a ban on Muslim countries, he will rejoin the Paris Climate Accord, and the World Health organization and so the dreamers do not have to leave this country.  I’m sure there will be more because the maniac doesn’t understand the the majority of people in this country don’t like what he’s done for the last four years.  Is that all it was?  It seems like a decade.  Joe Biden will try to heal the country.  He will make wearing a mask patriotic. Wow.

Here's what is extraordinary about the campaign, and it may or may not be true.  Biden and the woman who was his campaign manager were never together. There was no war room, like there was in the past.  For political hacks like myself, this is unbelievable. Who ever heard of this kind of campaign leadership? I am truly in awe.  Maybe they will realize they need me to clean house and after I do I will take my mop and bucket and retire to Florida.  Trump has no interest in healing, his tweets go on and on ad nauseum.  Saying he has lost perspective is like saying  the moon will never come out again, and the sun won’t shine.  His actions are unbelievable.   He has regressed to being four years old and his parents won’t let him burn the house down.  Let's all go outside, once the tropical storm ends, and scream “the monster is a lunatic” maybe  we can get some electronic megaphones and do it right in front of his house in Florida.  Really, How could anyone have voted for this monster?  And I mean that in the most affable way. It has never been my role to be nice.

On more interesting:   We are having a tropical storm here.  Its a little scary.  The winds are high but not 70 miles an hour so its not a Hurricane, but it is not fun. And we will probably lose electricity. Its flickering.  I finally found candles.  It was harder to find matches.  But I was lucky to find Yartzeit candles and they burn for 24 hours.  There was a slight earthquake in New England and that probably wasn't fun either. On a sadder note, Alex Trebek died today.   In the last few years he lightened up and seemed to develop a better sense of humor, but he was always entertaining.  Can anyone take his place? No, but some say George Stephanopolis, is a possibility.  That would probably work since no one can replace him.

And speaking of tragedy this certainly has been a tragic year, what with the pandemic, the Monster and his election behavior, and Sean Connery has died.  And most tragic of all, we’re in the midst of a tropical storm which means Tyrone cant go out. We did go out this morning but he was quite disconcerted and couldn’t figure out why he was standing in the rain.

Anyway, if the storm ends I’m on my way north on Thursday. There is a wedding I’m so looking forward to,  and a colonoscopy, not so much.  The travel is a little tedious but if you want to go from one place to another thats what you have to do.   We're just sayin'...Iris


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