Friday, November 20, 2020

Hooking Up With An Old Friend

Among the terrible things about the pandemic is that you have to work very hard to make new memories. Over the course of the last several days, since my birthday, I have reconnected with old friends, colleagues, and former students. It has been amazing. Mostly, it has been amazing to talk about memories that have been forgotten or at least buried somewhere until there is a trigger that causes them to materialize once again.  You may have noticed through my writing that I have been a little blue. It’s over, I have put on my leather looking stretch tights and moved on to a better place.  In a really better place I might have seen my parents, friends and aunts and uncles, but I am not ready for that place.  In addition, it is not like me to mope or feel sorry for myself, not when you have had the kind of life I have had. And it’s not over.

Last night I talked to a brilliant young man with whom i worked USA Networks.  I think it is a better description to say “with whom I worked” instead of "who worked for me."  The young people who worked in PR and Public Affairs with me were so much smarter than me.  Anyway, I sent Matthew to CA because we needed a talented person, and he wanted to go. Its funny how things happen.  The other day someone mentioned the Soup Nazi in NYC.  The people who worked at USA often went to this little soup place a few blocks away, that later became famous in the Seinfeld series.  Along with soup you got bread and often fruit — unless you didn’t move the line along at a lighting swift pace.  The first time Matthew went, he didn’t know about moving swiftly along part.  There was a reason they called him a Nazi.  First he yelled at Matt.  Yes, it was probably embarrassing, but the retribution was more painful. Matthew never ever got bread or fruit after that.  It didn’t matter how fast he moved or how much he ordered.  There was never bread or fruit.

At the sometime I was talking about Matthew, he was reaching out to find me.  And was it fun to remember the silly things we did.  You are probably not going to believe this, but there was a time I was a little outrageous.When I worked at USA, and had to visit our LA offices for the programming we were producing there, I didn’t exactly go to the physical office.  It was much more convenient to stay at the Four Seasons (not the landscaper!)  and have my meetings there.  The staff liked it better as well. My day often started with two scheduled breakfasts, at least two or three lunches, cocktails and dinner.  When i wasn’t eating or drinking, you could find me on location with David Hasselhoff or any of the stars in our shows.  People who work in LA have a totally different mind set than people on the east coast.  

At some point Jack Germond, a political reporter and dear friend was in LA and I asked Matthew to drive him around.  Why he was there was a mystery. Since Jack had my car, I decided to take a bus.  No one in LA takes a bus. I thought it might be colorful. How far could it be from Santa Monica to Venice. It was far, an required a bus change. Needless to say, I got lost,  and had to have one of the LA staff pick me up in the middle of nowhere. (This was before Lyft/Uber!)  We all had a good laugh — I think. 

That job was terrific, and if it hadn’t been for Barry Diller buying USA and firing so many of us, Televison rather the all the other things I did might have been my career.  The memories just keep on coming and I am having a great time. Oh, I wanted to mention that Matthew is involved with a new technology and working with the WWF ThunderDome.  It has so many uses and potential that if someone called me back I would share it.  It’s about putting thousands of people around the globe in seats at a venue.  The Link

There is also Business Insider piece that explains  the technology

The cool stuff is still coming.  We're just sayin'.. Iris

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