Friday, November 06, 2020

Election + 3: A Kibitka in Waiting

 Yesterday  I got out of bed and had a kibitka. You remember that word from previous blobs. If you don’t, it means a small horse-drwn Russian wagon but it is much more effective when you use it to mean a miraculous recovery. Depending on they way you use it, I either had a small red wagon or a miraculous recovery.  People have been asking me how my mental and physical health is.  So I wanted you to know it is close to fine.

Anyway,  yesterday this enormous corner popped up in front of me and I went around it.  Around the corner on my tricycle. It’s an adult trike, but would be funnier if it were kids size.  The weather is beautiful and nothing clears my head like a bike ride or my meditation meeting.  The television remains off. It is my intention to watch it after the weekend. I simply cannot listen to the monster claiming victory over and over and over.  The other thing that caused my kibitka was that I realized my favorite Sirius XM station, Yacht rock, plays only four songs. It doesn’t matter to me because I love all four of them.  The Love channel was my favorite until it became the Billy Joel station.  Much as I like  Billy, it isn’t the same. Love is Love and Billy, who knows?  The 60s and 70’s channels are also good but they never play my favorite tune which is “Need You” by Donnie Owens.  He only had that one hit and then he died. 

Durning the election cycle I wrote this letter to the editor for my candidate, who I really liked and respected. She is smart, with endless energy. They had terrible commercials, no money and ran without the support of the DCCC—because they are idiots.  It’s an OK piece but since it wasn’t published anywhere I still wanted to share it, so here it is:

“What happened to civility in American politics. There have always been negative campaign ads but there was always a sense of decency and when the campaigns ended you worked with your opponent to “make America great again”—which it already is. You rightly endorsed Pam Keith, which makes sense given our opponent. . Oh on paper he looks OK.  But the truth is he’s just another Trumper without a moral core.  He says Pam is a radical, and portrays her in that light.  Remember, you can now edit any tape the way you want to.  Brian (the opponent)  thinks its fine to separate children from their parents, to vote against a woman’s right to choose, and no more same sex marriages. He thinks global warming doesn’t exist. He never votes for money that supports veterans. He  lies about Pam raising taxes, and supporting education and a healthy environment.  If all this and Pam’s  concern for human rights are radical than most right thinking people I know are also radical.  Brian should be ashamed of the mean spirited lying ads.  It’s time to Make America Kind and Truthful Again.

Iris Burnett

Author, “So You Think You Can Be President”

OK I lied.  The television has been on since 6pm. We lost power at about 3 so it would have been impossible to watch or listen to anything. When the modem is out we are without the ability to communicate. In fact, I wanted to call Florida Power and Light to find out what the problem was and when would the electricity be on, but it was impossible to find a number without Google.  I called  David who is driving across the country with Jordan and they had to find the number for me.  Maybe that’s why people have land lines.  Where are we going from here? It is likely Joey B will be President. And will have a kinder nation.  The Trump antics will only get worse.  Maybe they should build their own White House somewhere they like him. Russia or Saudi Arabia come to mind.  We're just sayin'... Iris

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