Saturday, November 07, 2020

And The Winnnnnah.....

When I heard that Joe Biden won the election, I took a deep breath and thought about the dreamers, the children in cages, my gay friends, all the women who have suffered humiliation at the hands of the monster, health care,  the millenials who voted, and my children and grandchildren.  It is possible that their lives won’t be impacted by all the monsters.  

It’s funny to be in a place where I have no people to celebrate with and even if there were there is a pandemic out there waiting to put a knee on my throat.  On my way home from tap  I passed a large group of Biden people holding signs  and celebrating to victory.  Today there were no Trump thugs there to push them around. Unfortunately, there  is also a storm which will put a damper on the celebration in the next few hours. At least its putting a damper on Tyrones afternoon walk.

Maybe I’ll go back to that corner and  stand with them again, It depends on how hard the rain is falling and the wind is blowing.   When we won an election in past years, nothing stopped me, but in those days my work was from a desk and reasonable stress. This time my work was in the field confronted by thugs, and the level of stress has made me tired. Celebration is possible whether Im in the street or watching it all over the country.  The main Monster says the election is not over and he won big.  What more do you need to know about the moron.

The storm outside is getting worse, Tyrone didn’t even want to go out but he did and now he gets to be in.  The best thing about the celebrations is that people are gathering as if every corner is their community. And in fact it could be. The pride the young people are feeling is much like the Obama victory.  They voted and they have taken the victory as a personal victory, a referendum on justice and civil liberty.  They should be proud. On a personal note,  Jordan and David are driving across the country. Jordan said if Joe wins  she will take off her top and dance in the street. Thank god she found out while they were in a gas station. 

This is the anniversary of women getting the right to vote. How proud are we all that Mamala will be the Vice President?  Very?  I wish my mother and my aunts were alive to see this.  It is a very fine thing.  We're just sayin'....Iris

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