Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Election Day 2020 - Florida Edition

The polls were eerily quiet yesterday.  After visiting five sites, where there were no people, the decision to go to Dairy Queen for an overly sweet caloric treat (and a pup cup), was easy.  It didn’t stop there. It seems consuming one ice cream was not enough. During the day I ate three bags of M&M’s, one bag of yogurt covered almonds (that was the healthiest thing put in my mouth), too much cucumber vodka with soda, celery with peanut butter and burrata, oh and another ice cream bar covered in chocolate.  There is nothing more to be said about the election except it is clear we live in an alternate reality. One where we are surrounded by people who think it is wrong to take health care away from people during a health crisis.  Where people with a moral compass are out of style, where women, children, and minorities, belong on the periphery of what is fair,  where  the rest of the world doesn’t count. Where civil rights and dignity were a phase in the 60’s, clean air and water, and climate change, were a dream we might have had a long time ago.  Thuggish behavior is preferable to kindness. People clearly want a President who is a reality TV phenomenon. Who are these people? Is there more?  Probably but thinking about it is too painful.  

It wasn’t a blow out.  The pollsters were wrong again.  The amount of money spent on campaigns doesn’t matter. What is 'right' and what is 'wrong' need new definition.  i still do not understand, given all the lies, how this guy could win. All I can say is If you are an immigrant, you better watch out!  I still wonder, what does "make America great again" really mean?  We're just sayin' ... Iris

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