Thursday, November 05, 2020

Enough With the Monster's Thugs, Awready!

 The election may not be over and Joe Biden may actually be the President — at some point.  Of course we will have to suffer the Monster having a tantrum, and suing everyone involved in politics for fraudulent counting tactics.   He so wants the Supreme Court to decide this election.  Maybe he’ll figure out a way to do that.  It matters, but right now, not to me.  I remain deeply disturbed by the number of people who marked their ballots for that Monster.  I know some of those people, turns out they are my friends and family. They are not the thugs who harassed me in Jupiter… the people whose behavior mirrors the Monster’s. When I ask people who I know why they would vote for Trump, almost without exception they say they 'like the things he did.'  The support for Israel is attractive to Jews - and Evangelicals.  I get that, It is an international city with religious history for  Muslims, Christians and Jews, The Embassy thing was just an in-your-face which will  always be a detractor for peace in the Middle East  (Hello, Jared? Peace plan?).  

So, what did he do other than eliminate regulations for clean air and water.  If you read my other blobs you will find the list of things the Monster did to undermine our civil liberties, health and the economy. He hates the people we love. He signed a great many executive orders, but that means he couldn’t get anything he wanted to do through the Congress.  I would like someone to explain the positive things he did to make this a better country.  Oh yes, he gave his big fat monster children (in this case fat has nothing to do with weight) all kinds of goodies, which were paid for by the American taxpayer.  Jordan says that Jared always looks like he’s smelling farts.  Now try to look at him without laughing.  

Joe Biden gave a good speech yesterday.  He will be the President for everyone, even the people who did not vote for him.  He said the people who didn’t vote for him are not the enemy.  He is wrong.  Many of them are the enemy.  The thugs, who are certainly part of the Republican Monster constituency, are the enemy.  They are the people who surrounded the Biden staff bus and terrorized the riders.  If I had been on the bus I would have stopped the bus in the middle of the highway, and called the police.  During the Carter campaign we had a bus lodged in the cement overhang of a Holiday Inn. What do you do when there is a bus issue — let the air out of the tires. And that’s what pulling the bus over and calling the police would have done— let the air out of their tires.  Hopefully that makes some sense, but too bad if it doesn’t.  Back to the enemies. The problem with Democrats has always been that they want everyone to like them.  GET OVER IT!  We do not have to be lovable.  We have to kick some ass and as they say, take no prisoners.  If only it were just the people on the street. That would be horrible of course. But they are also thugs for whom we voted.

Obama was a neighborhood organizer, he had to have people like him. But as President he tried to be nice.  He never filled judges seats with our people. Trump and the Republicans did that.  He didn’t clean house in the government, and fire the political appointed positions available to him, so his government for years had Republican appointees making policy decisions.  If Biden wins, I want to be the “cleaner upper” who goes in and  fires all the Republican appointees before they have a chance to burrow, and change their status from political to civil servant.  As you might have guessed these people are not civil by any definition.  Remember when the Monster said he was going to drain the swamp? That didn’t happen. He just appointed more and more monsters into the swamp.  

Now what?  Yesterday I couldn’t get out of bed for so many reasons. Making America Kind Again is not an option right now. Kind got lost between the thugs screaming outside the polls, and the lawyers who are suing to deny you your vote, and accusing the government counters of fraud.  The Monster needs a new script.  The big fat children need to start packing, and Melania made her deal with the Monster, not the American people. If she’s going to have her face repaired again she should do it before they have to pay for a medical procedure out of pocket, not with government insurance.  I’m just sick of all these people, all these thugs.   We're just sayin'...Iris

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