Sunday, January 11, 2009

And Thanks to the Hollywood Foreign Press....

It seems that muted colors (beige, silver, gray, green) are what the important stars are wearing. Isn’t that nice. It’s not like black is out of fashion, it’s just that muted is in. It also seems that Jessica Lang and Drew Barrymore are doing the HBO version of Gray Gardens. Is it still a musical or a fictionalized version of the Documentary? Wow, talk about theater – of the absurd. What you don’t learn from the red carpet is hardly worth knowing. And just so that this prediction is not after the fact. It’s 7:00pm, the Golden Globes have not started. But I predict Slumdog Millionaire will be and should be, the film of the year.

The Golden Globes, an award show that put an organization on the map. For years the foreign press was viewed by the Hollywood community as a second class group of journalists (who never paid for a cup of coffee.) If you have never worked in politics or the entertainment business you probably don’t know that mostly, people don’t give a hoot about the foreign press. But the Hollywood (entertainment) foreign press were tired of being treated with distain so they started to give this little award called the Golden Globe. In retrospect, what a good idea. Maybe the political foreign press should do the same thing and give awards to elected officials. What should it be called? Give that some thought. We're just sayin'...Iris

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Anonymous said...

Iris, we met New Year's Day at Claudia's and chatted about many things, including giving Bushies the Pinochet treatment (prosecuting them for war crimes). I just came across this in a Wikipedia article on John Yoo:

"Retired Colonel Lawrence B. Wilkerson, General Colin Powell's former chief of staff (in both the Persian Gulf War and while Powell was Secretary of State in the Bush Administration), has stated the following regarding Mr. Yoo: "Haynes, Feith, Yoo, Bybee, Gonzalez and - at the apex - Addington, should never travel outside the US, except perhaps to Saudi Arabia and Israel. They broke the law; they violated their professional ethical code. In the future, some government may build the case necessary to prosecute them in a foreign court, or in an international court."


Tony Chiu