Wednesday, August 06, 2008

And While You Were At It

Im in China. The Olympics. You remember: every four years. Yeah, that's the one.. Arrived last night, unpacked my many bags, and tried (ok, weak attempt) to display exactly what that involves.. unfortunately we didnt have a back up cam... but if you hit this LINK it will take you to Room 4112 at the Beijing In'tl Conference center, a verdant place, surrounded by a trillion cicadas for whom this may not be the 17 year but who are being extremely vocal about what's doing in town. More on that later.. for now.. merely a view of my room...

were just unpackin'..... David


Anonymous said...

Wow, a bed for just your gear. High roller!

We're just watchin'.


Steve Leake said...

Have fun with your traveling "dog and pony show" Luxurious accomodations, just stay in there, out of the smog and shoot pictures of the TV if the room has one. 1/30 and don't worry about the pixels.

Anonymous said...

Ive never seen so many makeup bags in my life.I hope you brought some camera equipment.

Ah..Van Morrison.I got healed.