Friday, January 12, 2007

From Angels to the Absurd

A few blobbee’s (the people who read the blob) have remarked that I have become a bit more spiritual than they expected. That may be true but I am a multifaceted blobber (one who writes a blob) and as long as it doesn’t interfere with the entertainment value of what we’re trying to do, we beg you to suffer through all the variances or variations. ( I know one of these is what you use when you build a house that doesn’t meet code and the other can spice up an essay—take your pick.

In an attempt to move from the sublime to the absurd, the other night Soozie offered this bit of information: Women who have had surgically induced menopause, like with a hysterectomy, are more prone to snoring.

In response to this tidbit Jordan shared this: Men who break their right leg and eat peanut butter are more likely to get herpes.

Are they both, or neither, true? What’s the difference. What is absolutely mind boggling is that anyone would bother to figure either of them out. Can you imagine the discussion that precedes a study about women, hysterectomies and snoring. Do you think there was some kind of an uprising, by what we will call the “affected” or the “couldn’t sleep a wink” husbands or partners of these women. Did they rush to the nearest research facility and beg the doctors to please ‘do something’.

Do you remember when findings were so simple. Like blondes have more fun or eating fat causes heart attacks.” Wasn’t it easy to say censor instead of bowdlerize. I yearn to know only less than absurd knowledge. We get so much silly data and worthless hot poop that I yearn for the less than absurd knowledge.

And speaking of absurd knowlege, the President is excellent at using new words to replace those old used up terms like ‘surge’ instead of escalation or ‘piling on’. Oh, and speaking of the Presidency, absurd knowledge, or hot poop, Chris Dodd announced his candidacy for President today on the Imus show. Of course Imus, being such a gracious host, immediately started talking about the fact that he was impressed with Barak Obama. So which is more ridiculous, the announcement or the venue? I like Chris and God knows he has enough experience, but what I really like is that he simply indicated that things were bad abroad and at home and that was enough reason to get into the race. That makes four announced Dems, (Edwards, Vilsak and Biden – I think) And soon to come, again I'm thinking, they are Obama, Richardson, Clinton, and Kerry. We assume on the Republican side, McCain, Hagel, Guliani and Romney are in the race but they don’t want to position themselves for or against (except Hagel seems to have done just that), the President until it is absolutely essential.

We are two years into the last election and we’re already talking about 2008. That’s pretty absurd. But my favorite political absurdity is the announcement to announce which is sometimes an announcement to announce the announcement. It usually goes like this; A candidate (Democrat or Republican) will wander into some event—often planned but always looking spontaneous. It might be a small situation, like a one on one with a reporter or it could be a multimedia opportunity like a big political dinner or a street corner in New Hampshire. Or it may actually be a staged presentation. Regardless, in any one of these venues the principle ( a different more polished way to say candidate) will reveal that they have thought about a run for the Presidency for any number of reasons which always include -- 'I would do a better job than the yahoo in office or any of my potential opponents, and I’m considering an announcement about my intentions in the very near future.' The next step is an exploratory committee, perhaps yet one more foray into the public eye with some additional discussion about how much trouble the country is in. Then there’s either the announcement or withdrawal from any more revelations regarding the 2008 election.

It’s exhausting merely thinking about what we have to look forward to. There are so many more absurdities in our daily life, that I can’t even begin to list them. But I don’t have to. You can watch them on any one of the nightly news programs. And how about that rape trial in North Carolina? What more do I need to say. We’re just sayin...Iris