Friday, September 08, 2006

Swah Saunt Anz? Yeah, Maybe

Soixante Ans, Merci Beaucoup

Well, it DOES sound better in French than in our native Anglais, don't you think? In the age of Freedom Fries and other similarly dimwitted concepts, Soixante is a firm, lively, and sternly stated case for turning into an official Old Fart. Sixty, contrary to what many say is NOT the "New" 59 1/2, its just the same old 60. True, most of us seem not to resemble the grey hair laden, granny glasses wearing, suspenders twanging "parents" of Mickey Rooney in his 1930's movie extravaganzas, but there is nonetheless something daunting about hitting a new decade.

and as it is written..."Darn Cute for My Age..."

Instead of doing a big deal party, spending way too much moneyon a fancy dancy soiree, we gathered with ten friends at Mark's, our fave Chinese restaurant, and caused the lazy susan tray to continually rotate for a couple of hours. The duck is crispy, the noodles silky smooth and full of pure Hong Kong essence, and the curry just enough to get your attention. The highlight of the night was at the moment candles were lit on the celebrated Costco Chocolate Cake (isnt it great that everyone in America knows exactly what a Costco Chocolate Cake, and Costco Hotdog are? We all know!! It's so ... so... Universal!) Written on the cake: Were Just Sayin, of course. And as we served the cake, the juvenile delinquents at the table (well.. there was ONE, though he doesn't turn 60 for another week) made a great move. Not that I want to label Leonard Sherp a delinquent, but let's just say you could imagine him being asked to join you at the back of the 3rd grade classroom for some Recess related transgression. But Len's lovely wife Luann (am I allowed to announce this?) actually turned 60 a week ago, and started the fall birthday rush. Len gave her five dozen roses.. talk about Romantic... but .. children of the earth that they are (you should see their amazing gardens), they took the whole 60 roses, peeled the petals off them, put them in a giant shopping bag, and at the Moment Of Chocolate Cake, emptied the bag of petals over my head. It was something which caused no small stir at Marks, and while they have come to know us for wacky behavior, the hundreds of rose petals, airborne, must have been a first.

petal attack!

The staff loved it actually, implying we needn't bother to collect the fallen ones, as they looked pretty cool. So, it was quite a lovely time, and I woke up today, feeling that I hadn't aged a helluva lot since I was 59. Is it only a number? When I see people in their seventies who still feel, as I do, that there are just a lot of places in the World I haven't had a chance to get to you, but still have the desire to visit, I know that there are many things left to accomplish and see. Watching Jordan in her show last week in New York, and realizing that she has, like I did, made a choice in her teens about what she really wants to do with her life. For her, its singing and acting on stage. And she is wonderful. I wanted to take pictures when I was a Junior in High School. Next year will be my 40th year of working in New York, Washington (and for TIME Magazine!) So, this is just another little step on the road ahead. Still a lot of places to visit. Still a lot of wonderful moments with family and friends. Still a few more stabs at a Chocolate cake from Costco. But, as my gift hat last night says:
"I'm Darn Cute for My Age." Let's face it: that's a concept that works at any age. Anytime you can make a deal for 'Darn Cute', take it, I say! We re Just Sayin. David


Walt said...

Happy Birthday, David. Yes you sure are cute.

You're now a decade ahead of me.

I turned 50 at the end of August. I share the same birthday with Nanine Hartzenbusch, but she's a youngster.

We use to share (well we still do) the same birthday with Lenny Berntstein but he passed away so he doesn't cut the cake with us.

walter and debbie said...

Happy Birthday, David. All too often, I've heard the,"You're too old to.." as I reach 50 next February, but keep on keepin' on..
I, too, have been through a lot..thinking how I EVER got past 30.. Here's to many more years for you!

Iris&David said...

Its good to be in the company of Young 'uns! Fifty? wow, that seems like ten minutes ago.

But so far, (hey its been 5 days), I'm kickin ass!

You ll love it when you get there!


Unknown said...

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