Wednesday, November 12, 2008

And If You're In DC this Friday

The first Annual DC Fotofest kicks off this week, with a number of gallery shows, and actual photographers who took those pictures, at places all over Washington DC. Yours truly is taking part in a wonderful expo of giant Contact sheets: Contact's Contacts: 25 enlarged contact sheets by various Contact Press Images photographers over the last 30 years, including several of mine. This one was done on a trip to rural Bolivia a dozen years ago. The great thing about contact sheets (which you can duplicate in digital, but it doesn't have quite the same "I'm Not Lying" truth to it,) is how you can plot the thinking and working process of the photographer, and see what they did to make THAT image happen. In each case, there is a blow up accompanying from the contact sheet, and some of these pictures are ones you already know. The show is at 3333 M st NW, in the heart of Georgetown, Washington DC. It should be quite a kick off. As Ken Jarecke noted in his blog (Mostly True), even if you dont have an official invite, show up and say you know him (or me).. I am also speaking at the Navy Memorial Auditorium (7th and Penn) next Wednesday night with Eugene Richards, the great documentary photographer from New York. Here is the schedule for the week.. catch some of the events! We're just sayin'.... David

Peasants attend Health Clinic, Bolivia --


Anonymous said...

I just checked out the PDF for the event and it looks breathtaking. I wish it could make its way up to Boston someday... Of particular interest to me was the single image of the car in New Orleans, very powerful.

Anonymous said...

The slide show for this event is a spectacular advertisement.

JRT Seattle

Iris&David said...

Ian and Jean.. thanks for your comments.. it was a GREAT opening last night.. and frankly, there is no reason this show shouldnt be in Boston, Seattle and a dozen other places. It says a lot about how photographs are made..and about the photographers themselves (though they might not know that!).. thanks again

david b

bd said...

Iris & David, This is a wonderful way to get into the photographer's head...see how he/she was seeing. CONTACT!

Granville Withers