Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What Were They Thinking?

There isn’t a place he goes where there aren’t thousands of people. Usually the overflow people stand outside and he comes out with a bullhorn to say hello. It must be the ‘rhetorical flourishes’.

What were the Clinton people thinking when they decided not to organize for the caucuses. They had years to put organizations together. A year ago Obama wasn’t even thinking about the race, and maybe because he had so little money he determined that they needed to take the “old’ political tactic of actually building organizations, while the Clinton team determined that they would be the candidate after Feb. 5, so they could just ‘do’ media. Or maybe Mark Penn, whose company made 4 1/2 million dollars for strategy and media buys, decided that strategy would make him rich – so why should he build organizations. They would have plenty of time to do that during the general elections.

And why would they make a big deal of Patty Solis’ departure? First of all, she’s not departing. Second of all, she was always more of a fund raiser than strategist. Third, Maggie Williams didn’t suddenly appear on the scene, she’s been in place for a month, and an advisor forever. Is there a fourth? Yes, there is always more when you most expect it. Why would you get rid of the one person who was accessible, and keep all the people who have made bad decisions and continue to be isolated from the reality of what’s happening?

Does Senator Clinton not understand that when she tries to demean Senator Obama by taking a pot shot about his speaking ability, by indicating that she could do the same, but she would rather people know about her 35 years of dedication to helping children -- it doesn’t make her any more likeable or for that matter, electable. Clearly people want to be inspired by what a candidate says.

We now know that people don’t seem to care about so called experience, or they are not buying the kind of experience she has. We also know that Bill Clinton can’t be controlled – if he wants to talk fantasy – we all finally see that the fairy tale is about him. We know that Mark Penn and Terry McAuliffe have an agenda that does not necessarily reflect Hillary’s best interest and we know Chelsea is in Wisconsin because they have pretty much written off that state. What a terrible thing to do to your progeny. Maybe she’ll spend a weekend just having fun.

And what are they thinking to send Hillary off to Texas and Ohio and other primary states, rather than either stay in Virginia, DC and Maryland and face the music or at least gracefully acknowledge the loss. It just looks like she’s running away from the inevitable. It just seems like she has thrown in the east coast towel and has moved on, hoping that in other parts of the country the people who are supposed to vote for her, will actually do so. But look at the exit polls (which I hardly ever do): Obama won with white males in Virginia-- that is amazing. And young women (the campaign now needs to think ‘old’ as well). The Potomac vote, as they call it, was not supposed to be for Obama. Yes, we all knew DC would vote for him, but it was never clear what Virginia and Maryland would do. And they have done what they rest of the country may do. Right now Obama has 63% of the vote in Virginia. And I predict the same will happen in Maryland.

Here’s the thing. Hillary never expected to be in a contest and Barack never had anything to lose. She is not well served by the people who are giving her advice and he is very well served by the people who want to be inspired. It’s not like anything any of us have ever seen. In 1972, we rallied around McGovern because he was an elected voice for our anti-war cause. The campaign was young and we didn’t have the support of mainstream Democrats. But we were inspired to vote and to make a difference. This is not the case with Obama. Mainstream Democrats have endorsed the man and his vision. Young, old, black, white (brown is slow to come), Jews, Christians, Moslems, and Buddhists. (You get the point). People. Just people, have decided that they want a real change. This is not about ‘changing things for 35 years.’ It’s about a vision for the future and looking beyond who the Democratic party is today. It’s about what the Democratic party will be tomorrow. They do not want Bill Clinton and all the Clinton drama back in the White House—this is too important an election to reduce it to marital politics. Oy vey. (That’s Jewish for ‘oh my oh my’). I don’t pretend to know where this election will go—although I could pretend, and it would be pretty entertaining. I just want Hillary to get rid of the people who have led her astray, and play out a real race about the future. We’re just sayin.... Iris


Anonymous said...

But Hillary picked the people who led her astray.

So what does that inform us about the people she'd pick to run her government if elected?

The whole world wants an American leader who can inspire.

Today I got to vote for two school board candidates. Neither party would let an independent vote in the Maryland primary. What does that tell us about democracy!!!!!

W reporting about our winter white snow up here by the Mason-Dixon Line. All grad school classes were cancelled tonight, so no Watercolor till next week. You should see my painting of a lemon. Grin.

Anonymous said...

This just in from the NYTimes:

With every delegate precious, Mrs. Clinton’s advisers also made it clear that they were prepared to take a number of potentially incendiary steps to build up Mrs. Clinton’s count. Top among these, her aides said, is pressing for Democrats to seat the disputed delegations from Florida and Michigan, who held their primaries in January in defiance of Democratic Party rules.

"Potential incendiary steps" are the operative words.

This is why voters are feeling this campaign is all about Hillary, and not about the American people.

Hillary's opponent talks about "we and us". Hillary talks about "I, I, I, I."

And the young voters, I hypotheses that we are seeing the 'Tiger Woods' generation speaking their voice. Tiger Woods has demonstrated the Martin Luther King principle that we judge not on the color of the skin, but the content of the character.

TIger Woods makes it alright for white males to vote for a candidate other than white.

Meanwhile, Hillary is acting like the type of mother nobody really wants, always telling us what to do, instead of the mom who is there to help us in what we want to do.

W from the sidelines.