Sunday, February 24, 2008

Let Me Just Say...

Since it’s the end of the week let’s do a wrap up of big events. Let me start by saying, without much back patting, this blobber and her friends are way out in front of the columnists. This morning Maureen Dowd wrote about Barack’s management style being more feminine than Hillary’s. Frank Rich wrote that last week, as did we - try to keep up Maureen.

This next paragraph is only in part a wrap up but part of the overall last week picture. So when Tim Russert and Brian Williams host the debate next Tuesday, it will be interesting to see what kind of answer Senator Clinton gives to the inevitable question of her campaign spending. Can she manage the government if she can’t manage a campaign? I believe we also brought attention to this issue at least a week ago. If she can’t manage a campaign, how will she go into government on Day One and manage the enormous bureaucracy. I think she should read my book (Barack already has one) “http://www.SoYouThinkYouCanBe” if for no other reason, to be introduced to what she needs to know about the government on Day One.

And Bill Clinton is an enormous help. There he was again, not taking responsibility for his failures. Anyone who has a brain knows that, over the last few months, he managed to sabotage her campaign at every turn. (She did have enormous help from staff and paid consultants). Then, in Texas he actually said that it would be the voters, not the Clintons, who would be responsible for the loss. Duh, well of course the voters will be responsible for not supporting her candidacy, but why should they? In Politics 101 (don’t you wish you took my class?) it is necessary for the candidate to find a way to convince the voters that they are the best choice. The Clintons haven’t been able to give the majority of voters, in almost any state, a reason to believe this. In addition, (let’s stay in Texas for a minute), last week she said she did not understand the voting system in that state according to a number of reporters, she laughed when she said, “I’ve got people trying to understand it as we speak. Grown men are crying as we speak. I had no idea it was so bizarre.” Further, John Baer of the Philadelphia Daily News reported on 1/19, that in Pennsylvania she still doesn’t have a full slate of delegates – despite an extension. The combination of not understanding the system, or the rules, is not the voter’s fault. Granted, she is busy with the big picture, but doesn’t she pay people to know these things? Or a better question, how did she pick the people, who is she paying to know these things. Aren’t these all questions of management skills? Which does take us back to the question of Day One.

Oh my, I’m starting to sound like all the other talking heads—only I’m not getting paid. Where did I go wrong? OK. It’s not all about me –unfortunately.

Moving back to the wrap up. What about the McCain story? Has the country moved passed any questions of marital infidelity? Probably. The big story is how does the NY Times respond to all the criticism. Of course they will protect their sources. But when the talking heads and the editorial columns say, “There is obviously nothing to the accusations,” it just may not be the case. It is hard to imagine that the NY Times, having waiting till the story was ‘ready,’ didn’t check sources. I think the McCain people have taken just the right tactic. They know the NY Times is not going to reveal their sources. They can’t. So what can they do in response to a press conference and a firm denial. Nothing. They can continue to say, ‘we stand behind our story.’ But, since they can’t reveal a source and they are taking big hits by every person in the media with a mouth or a pen, wouldn’t it be smart for Bill Keller to explain why they decided the story was important (questions of ethics) and how they determined the timing of its’ release? John McCain dogged a bullet, but from everything we hear, there are many more issues of ethics/morals, that will not be as easy to dismiss. In fact some people go so far as to say that once these issues are brought to the public’s attention, McCain will not be able to survive and will not be the nominee. Obviously, I can’t reveal my sources. All I can say if pressed about this story is, ‘lucky me and poor you.’

Then there’s the Cindy McCain pancake make-up story. Never mind, I think that was something I suggested. And the Michelle Obama, ‘does she love her country’ controversy. I would put that under the category that Barack so aptly described in his response to the plagiarism story as ‘silly’ politics. And it’s our hope that you find it amusing to see how silly politics are conducted, because silly politics are what we will see a great deal of for the next few months. We’re just sayin...Iris


Anonymous said...

So, if the liberal, left-wing, unpatriotic, terrorist-loving press is so out to get McCain, as all of the Republican talking heads claimed this weekend, why have they not printed anything about the timing of his relationship with Cindy, his present wife, and the marriage he was still in when he started to date her? (And by the way, where is she?) McCain seems to have been adept at performing the right-wing moralists' two-step--or is it two wife--and thus far has not had to answer for his hypocricy.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

McCain with two wives!!!!!!!!

I thought Mitt might, but . . . . Isn't that what Huckabee's supports were saying behind Mitt's back?

Ha ha ha ha

Speaking of Huckabee. Sorry I missed him last night on SNL. Sounds like he has a pretty good sense of humor.

Bill doesn't want Hillary president, 'cause if she's any good, she'd overshadow his tenure. The fix was in a long time ago with Bill's people. This is the word from my handlers in Philly. Have to admit, it didn't occur to me. But then Philly's a strange place. Kind of the forgotten city on the east coast.

Those Arizona folks do enjoy the two-step. Never could get the hang of that dance 'cause of my two left feet.

Back to my horse manure here in Westminster. It's a much finer variety then you find in Washington DC.