Wednesday, January 30, 2008

So Few Candidates, So Much Time...

John Edwards withdrew today. So much to talk about. I miss Bill Richardson and Dennis Kucinich and I’ll miss John Edwards. Or I’ll miss his civility. Oh, and Rudy Giuliani also dropped out, but I won’t miss him. Back to John. He was the foam in a sea of ... OK I’m at a loss for what else is in the water. I know there is pollution, and sand, a few fish, and coral—but none works as an illustration of what I want to say. I guess I could take the fish route and say he was a guppy in a school of sharks but that would be overstating. He was more than a small fish in a big expensive swimming pool—although neither of the other candidates wanted him cluttering up the water. So maybe I should go for the coral... Nevermind, I’m starting to sound desperate. Anyway, he’s out of the race and I’m sure the phone calls to his supporters were ongoing and relentless.

I spoke to my mother today, she is an avid Clinton supporter. She was happy that John Edwards was out of the race and she wondered why Bill Clinton couldn’t be the Vice President. “Don’t you think that would be nice for the Clinton’s? Then he won’t feel bad about not being the President.” I tried to explain why that wouldn’t work and then I thought, well if Bill spent quality time trying to change the Constitution, maybe it would keep him out of the campaign. Then a friend said, he could be the Vice President, if Hillary asked him to run. So then, for absolutely no reason, I flashed back to last week when my mother and her twin were together. Aunt Peppy went out to Seattle to see Mom. They were thrilled to see one another and then after about ten minutes they started to fight—it’s what they do. My brother called to say the good news was that they didn’t kill each other –which would have been my preference because then, after long and happy lives, they could have gone together doing what they loved doing the most—having a good fight. Kind of like “Second Hand Lions” when the 92 year old former adventurer brothers built a plane and flew it into their barn—upside down. Anyway, I thought, changing the Constitution would be easier then getting Hillary to agree that Bill should be the Vice President.
Back to the campaigns. Giuliani appeared with McCain tonight and gave him an in person endorsement adding that he would go wherever McCain wanted him to go – unless it became a problem. I guess he was referring to all those questions of appointments and spending. Isn’t it funny that McCain, an honorable person, would want to be endorsed by a person of questionable character. And I don’t get it since about 6 people in the entire US were going to vote for Rudy. But since McCain admits he knows very little about the economy, he probably thinks “it’s not the economy stupid, it’s about the power.”

And speaking of stupid, it is outrageous that the media have seemingly selected Clinton and McCain as the nominees. Maybe I’m missing something but I thought there were other Primaries. In addition, the media didn’t do very well with their predictions in Iowa, New Hampshire or South Carolina – so what makes them think they know any better now. This is a game of “will young people and independents vote?” If they do, Obama and Romney may do very well. If they don’t then “it’s about the stupid, stupid.” We’re just sayin...Iris

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