Tuesday, January 08, 2008

And Now, LIVE, from Manchester

Manchester, NH: Primary Night -- It is 8:00pm and the race between Obama and Hillary is too close to call. If the media hadn't savaged Hillary today Obama would have won by at least 5%. The people don't like piling on--even if they don't like Hillary, they don't want all these guys ganging up on her. My friends in Obama seem to think they will win by 14%. I just don't think it's going to happen but when we wanted to move to Virginia there was a house we wanted and the asking price was $405,000 -- too much for us. It was 20 years ago and the agent said' "hang in there...I don't think they gonna get it" (the spelling is intentional.) Anyway they did get it and we didn't get the house. So one never knows in real estate or in politics.

But back to yesterday. We started the day with breakfast at a Richardson event at Dunkin Donuts. First we bought donuts and coffee for all the volunteers standing in the cold with signs. They were seriously appreciative. Then we found a table, got some gooey stuff for ourselves, and waited for the Governor. Bill and I go back a long way. When the Carter Administration went to DC and Bill went to Congress we all partied every weekend. I always went with my friend (not beau) Gabriel Guerra. Bill always assumed I was dating Gabe -- but who cared, we all just wanted to have a good time. Flash forward 20 years. Bill is the Ambassador to the UN. I am at USIA as Chief of Staff. We are at a cocktail party and I walk over to introduce myself. But before I have a chance to say hello, the Ambassador says, "I know who you are. Are you still going out with Gabe?" We had a good laugh because by that time Gabe was the Ambassador to Chile and happily married. Back to the breakfast at the 'Dunker'. So I let Bill say his local hellos and then I go to reintroduce myself (it's been at least 8 years). Again he says, "I know who you are. (and infront of 10 tv cameras) adds, "Are you still dating Gabriel?" It was a wonderful moment which none of the media people understood.

He left and we left and made our way to the hotel where I did a few great interviews about the book, (So You Think You Can Be President), the campaign, and the Democratic party. Presidential politics can be very seductive and it can also be incredibly ugly. People who start out as insecure think that when they have the power to say 'no' it's something they must do in order to be important--it's ugly-- but it's what happens. So there were a great many self important ass wipes making what could have been a wonderful day, less than pleasant. Moving on....

We went back to a few HQ's and I'm not sure but it appeared that the Clinton campaign had the volunteers in one location and the senior people in another. It took me back to the days when I was hired to be the Senior VP and USA and the Sci-Fi Networks and was told that I could have an office on the 20th floor. "Where is my staff?" I asked.
"On the 8th floor" I was told.
"So why would I want to be separated from them? How can you lead without being a part of who they are?"

Needless to say I found space on 8. So how can a political staff lead when they are more important then the people who really make it work? That was a rhetorical question--I'm not interested in answers--actually I am.

We finished the day at a Hillary event. It was sooooo disappointing because it was her stump speech. I wanted inspiration and instead I got a list and much like Gore -- it was as if she felt she needed to be the smartest one in the room. And Bill was up on stage. He came late and look bored. Why doesn't he just raise money? There is no accounting for what anyone does in a campaign.

So I guess we'll see what happens. I said this morning, "NH is up for grabs." It is never over til the fat lady sings and more importantly-- it is never over til the last vote is cast. We're just sayin... Iris

Bulletin: It's 11:00 pm. Hillary is leading. People hated what the press said about her after she teared up.The press won this primary for Hillary. Now what will they say....


Anonymous said...



the only difference between Obama and Hillary

oh what a couple of tears can do


but at the convention, if there is no clear winner, Edwards' and Richardson's delegates could vote for Obama. Meaning Obama could still win New Hampster.

So it is really true, that fat lady hasn't sung yet.


isn't that the next jet Boeing is going to build?

7667 = nothing


Anonymous said...

Hillary had a first-rate phone bank operation that flew under the radar just as it put Ben Cardin into the US Senate. Don't tell Chris Matthews. He knows everything.

Anonymous said...

Hillary's top-notch phone bank operation made all the difference; not her tears. Same operation put Ben Cardin in the US Senate in a race everyone said he was going to lose.

Unknown said...

I love you Marthena, but oh I'm sad about the N.H. primary. Hillary's phone calls may have done it, but I tend to agree with Iris that the media's stupid attacks on Hillary helped her a great deal. It's not that I disagreed with everything they said (which I don't know) but I did hear way too many of them writing her off too early. I also fault my man Barack for that snide comment, something like "You're friendly enough," during the debate. I winced when I heard it. Also, I thought that Hillary's tears or near-tears would help her, and I think they did. We Obama folks are in trouble if she continues to show more of her real personality.
Oh, and I agree she should shut her husband up. But the main thing for my man, as Iris, David and Marthena know even better than I, his staff and wife have to make sure he gets more rest. Presidential campaigns are waaaaaayy beyond the endurance of most people. I thought both he and Clinton would fall asleep on the table during the debate.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bebe!