Sunday, April 08, 2007

Short but Sweet

Today is Easter Sunday, and I'm sure there are millions of families gathering all over the world, spending some time with each other, and investing some sit down time with a roast ham. From what I read, there is something about Baked hams on Easter which seems to really make for tradition. Kind of like Passover but without the Ham. Well, as there is a long standing (try two thousand years, Dave!) connection of Passover and Easter, - the last supper was a Seder meal, I believe - I wanted to share with you all the latest post on the GefilteFishChronicles site from Amy in Philadelphia. There is something very special when people reach into their hearts to make the kind of connection she writes about. Maybe she says it for all of us. I have a feeling that a lot of Easter suppers were put together just like Pesach was in her family. Read, enjoy, and think of those who you'd like to be with today, but couldn't. That is what phones are for.

from Amy in (formerly)Philadelphia:

To Make Pesach

“I read about the Gefilte Fish Chronicles in the New York Times and made it a point to catch in on Sunday eveing. And am I ever glad I did! I sat and watched the show laughing out loud and tearing up at the same time. As I watched the ladies so lovingly recall Pesachs of the past I was reminded of my own Grandmother who 'made' the holiday until she couldn't anymore. Then, the torch was passed to my mother and aunts with a small read purse containing enough cash to buy what was needed to 'make Pesach.' My mother and her sisters would first shop for weeks, and then stand in our kitchen up to their elbows in chopped liver and gefilte fish, while my Grandmother sat on a chair, often directing! The very same banter coming from Peppy's kitchen could be heard coming from our kitchen as well! Dicussion over how fine to chop, discussion over how much, discussion over just about everything! However, at the end of the day, when everyone arrived for the seder to sit at the long snaking table reaching from our dining room, through the living room and into the foyer, there were smiles, and a few tears too. Like Peppy and her family, thoughts of those who weren't there to share in the joy of the holiday were always in the forefront of their minds. But for my grandmother and for my mother and my aunts, especaially after Mom-Mom was gone, the point of it all was to 'make Pesach' so everyone could be together. The film sent me home again to a time and place that doesn't exist anymore, and it made me appreciate those wonderful family memories with my parents, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins. Thank you so much for preserving a small piece of our rich history. The Dubroff family is every family. Mazel Tov for bringing so much joy to so many with this beautiful film. I can't wait to share the DVD with my mother. She will cry. ”
Amy • Short Hills, NJ (formerly Philadelphia)

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