Monday, June 05, 2006

Sit Down and Shut Up

Aren’t there those occasions when you want to stand up and yell SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP! I can’t imagine it’s only me. For example, you get on a plane which is boarding from the rear. Now they have zones, which make no sense because those board from the front and people are tripping over each other. It doesn’t matter. Back to the point. People are finding the way to their seats and there is always one person who refuses to step out of the aisle and let other people pass. Oh no, they have to look through their suitcase to find that one item they can’t live without until they get to their destination. Additionally, this one person has a friend with whom they are making conversation and not paying attention to the inconvenience they are causing. So finally they finish the treasure and they decide they have to go to the bathroom before take-off.. They will have to make their way forward or back which is virtually impossible while other travelers are making their way on to the plane. Still they are totally oblivious to the chaos they have caused. You have to admit you just want to scream SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!

I can give you many examples of the ‘sit down and shut up’ scenario in restaurants, the movies, on several modes of transportation and I’m sure you blobbees can do the same for me. (I still can’t figure out if I am the blobber or the blobbee – so today I’ll be the blobber and you will be the blobbee). But lately I have wanted to yell it everytime I read the paper or listen to the news. My main targets are George Bush and Bill Frist but there are others. As we say in the PR business, I can’t wrap my arms around it -- whatever it is. Gas prices are at $3-4 a gallon. People can’t go to work, won’t be able to take vacations, can’t get their children to school or camp, can’t earn a living if it requires driving, can’t buy oil based products or any product that has to be trucked. The deficit is so large we don’t even have a number for it — what does come after trillion? Forget our grandchildren getting saddled with it, our great great great grandchildren won’t be able to purchase an ice cream cone. The health care system is an obscenity — unless you happen to be in the pharmaceutical business or are in the insurance business. Older people can’t afford to buy medication or figure out how to pay for their health care. The war in Iraq rages on. Young men and women who have never had the chance to live are dying for absolutely no reason. Social Security.. don't get me started. And I don’t believe for one minute it is for democracy — it is for companies that are in the business of war. They are the friends of Bush and Frist and Cheney and Rumsfeld. And they will find a way to get richer by doing the same thing in Iran and not giving a good god damn what it does to your life. I try not to be political but I am pissed.

Education is in the toilet, the arts remain virtually unsupported and global warming is threatening every element of the very planet on which we live. So I don’t get why we are not pointing our fingers and laughing at these idiots who are concerned about Same Sex Marriage. Do they really care that boys are shtupping boys and girls are shtupping girls and they want to make it legal. (Shtupping is a Jewish word that probably needs no explanation if you've ever had a significant other). I don’t mean to minimalize the seriousness of people who want to make legal commitments and be protected. But isn’t it all about right wing Christians not wanting to have to think about the sex. I believe, for example, if we had ridiculed Hitler instead of taking him seriously there would have been six million Jews procreating instead of being martyred. I heard a lecture this weekend about the fact that Hitler wanted to be in art school, and when he was rejected he overreacted. So what was George Bush’s problem.
Oh my God, I am beside myself about this foolishness and here’s what I want to happen. Whenever Bush stands up in the Rose Garden or Frist stands wherever it is that someone won’t hit him with a pie, and makes a speech, I want one of those White House or political journalist woo haa’s to get to their feet and yell “SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!!!” We’re just saying...


Walt said...

People have misread Leviticus for centuries.

When that portion of the Bible was "written" every boy and girl was joined through arranged marriages. It was NOT boy meets girl in high school or college, falls in love, and tells his family they are getting married.

People didn't have a choice back then. So if a man was gay, he married a woman because his family said so.

Now everyone knows if a man is married to a woman and has sex with a woman outside of his marriage bonds, he’s an adulterer. A big no no, as carried down the mountain by Moses.

But what if you are a gay man married to a woman (remember you have no choice in this) and he lies down with a man like a "woman" (read wife)? Is that adultery as defined by the ancient use of the original language of the Bible? No.

So the writers of Leviticus had to write fast to include the act of a married man having sex with a man in substitute for his wife. The BIG abomination. It is an abomination because the act breaks the marriage contract just like adultery. It's not about the sexual act, it is about the social contract of the family and clan.

Flash forward to the 21st Century. Boys and girls are not forced into arranged marriages (at least we hope not). An unmarried gay man when having sex with a man is not taking a man as a woman (i.e. wife). Thus there is no break of the marriage contract, and no abomination.

Notice the Bible really doesn't mention women taking other women as their husbands. In the ancient world that was unthinkable because all women were under the control of their husbands through the arranged marriage whether the women were gay or straight.

So the whole girl/girl thing is not imagined.

In Greek culture at that time, wealthy gay men married to women through arranged marriages, would use slave boys to satisfy their needs. This was also look down upon by the ancient Israelites.

The gay hating of our "Christian" nation is totally unchristian. It doesn’t say “Love thy neighbor as thyself, unless your neighbor is gay.” Total hypocrisy!!!

Modern gays are not violating the Bible, because they are not married. No break in the social contract of marriage. Now if two gay men do get married, and one man takes a woman as his partner - that would be an abomination. The BIG break of the social contact again.

So George Bush "Sit down and shout up." The idiot only knows what they tell him to know.

Hey Dave, you going to honor your wife's wishes the next time you’re at a White House photo op? Don’t forget to dress chinese. GRIN.

KnowWhat said...

There's a few things that deserve this attention: violence, poverty, water pollution, air pollution, global warming, hunger, racism, usery, so forth and so on.

My idea for gay marriage is that we make it mandatory.

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