Monday, November 05, 2012

How Do You Spell BLOW OUT?

But what if it’s a blow out?  It could happen. All the media coverage about how close the race is going to be could just be hype.  Or it could be that people who are polled are lying.  Or it could be that the questions that are asked by a pollster are skewed in favor of one candidate.  Or it could be that one of the campaigns is using the poll, is a persuasive tool rather than an information gathering tool.  For example, you get a call that asks the question:   Would you vote for someone who promised change but only made things worse?

Or,  Would you vote for someone who’s religion is the antithesis of Christianity?  The questions don’t have to be accurate, because the pollster doesn’t care about anything but subtly convincing someone that they shouldn’t vote for the opposition. Like,  Would you vote for someone who may not have been born in the U.S?  Or,  Would you vote for a candidate who has changed his position on abortion, more than ten times?

There are legitimate pollsters, and  Anna Greenberg is among the best of them.  She looks at trends as well as numbers.  She actually understands the impact of issues on an election in terms of priorities. But not all pollsters are actually pollsters.  They are campaign staff.

But that’s not what I wanted to blob about.  Let’s get back to the potential blow out. 
In New Jersey, they are going to allow people to vote by e-mail. (Which sounds a bit sketchy since so many people don’t have power and how do you authenticate that vote.)
Additionally, there is supposed to be another storm on Tuesday.  Who cares about voting when your entire life has been destroyed?

Here’s a “We’re Just Sayin”  prediction.  The Congress will look almost exactly the same.  The incumbents will get reelected and the paralysis that has prevented anything from happening in government, will continue.  All the talk about how dangerous the Tea Party candidates have become, will be silenced by the frustration of an apathetic electorate. But who will be the President?  The guy who claims “Real Change” or the guy who insists we “Go Forward.”  It will be the candidate who people want to believe is telling the truth.  The one who, as I have said before, they think will “just fix it.”  Which, as I think about it, would make a terrific campaign slogan.  Vote for ME and I will “just fix it”.  No need to be specific.

Bill Clinton is out campaigning.  He loves it.  It’s a pleasure to watch him with a crowd. Anne and Michelle are baking cookies, and voicing opinion. ? (Both of those cookie recipes sound pretty good.)  So who will have any impact on the outcome of the election, and who will win?    Certainly you don’t expect me to tell you (yes, of course I know)!  But I will tell you this much – it’s going to be a blow out.  At least that would help us all to understand that no one (not pollsters, talking heads, or political experts) knows anything more than you.  We’re just sayin’….Iris

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