Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mom is Home

Rose and Milton, Brooklyn, 1942
We brought mom home to her apartment at the M.A.R.C. this morning. Everyone was really happy that she chose to be home for her hospice care. So many people visiting to say they love her. She is where she belongs, surrounded by people who love her. MaryBeth, her best friend came by to say hello and told her that she didn’t have to eat, because MaryBeth was eating enough for both of them. The chef came up just to tell her, and us, that he’d prepare anything she wanted. Her aides, Tonya, Kady and Jamie continue to give her loving care, and every once in a while the feisty Rosie appears out of nowhere to let us all know she’s still in charge. This comes as no surprise. Everytime my brother and I are together with her, I tell him that Mom said I was always the favorite child which absolutely makes her smile. Jordan read her a Cosmo article about pre-marital sex. She wanted her Nana’s opinion, and her Nana just shook her head. And I won’t tell you what Jeffrey said to make her smile, but yes, if she could get up, she’d wash his mouth out with soap. We all so appreciate your expressions of love and support, and I am reading them all to her. We’re just sayin’.... Iris (in Bainbridge)

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