Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Supreme Decision

The President made a Supreme Court nomination …. Let the fun begin. Senator Sessions, Republican on the Judiciary Committee, says that the Republicans are going to give Justice Sotomayer a ‘fair hearing’. Senator Schumer doesn’t believe it for a minute, but what choice does he have. He can’t circumvent all the Republicans on the committee – although that’s what he'd like to do. They are elected officials and have a right to be heard. But here’s the thing, (and I’m not opposed to this, I don’t think), these very important appointments are no longer made without looking beyond judicial credibility. Consideration must also be given to gender, ethnicity, and background. It makes sense to me because when decisions were made without consideration for these added elements, the Court (with very few exceptions) was made up of all white men. What is so interesting is that one of the all time great justices, Thurgood Marshall was Black, a womanizer and some said a drinker. But his background and struggles were critical when it came to his judgments about interpreting the Constitution.

So, is it important to consider Justice Sotomayer’s background when deciding if she is a good choice for the Supreme Court? Of course it is. And, OK I get why the nominee has to have some sort of a legal background—why they have to understand the way the system works. But wouldn’t it be terrific if a high school principal, or a fireman, could get the job. Someone who, on a daily basis, has to face the difficulties of real life. Someone whose decisions have an impact on the way people may live the rest of their lives. (I know Justices do this in the ‘greater’ scheme of things—but you get my point.) It’s not going to happen, but it would be terrific. I guess Justice Sotomayer, a Puerto Rican woman who was appointed by George Bush, comes about as close as possible. But gender, like race, as the best reason to be a Justice, makes me uncomfortable because there are qualified women and minorities (Sonia Sotomayer is certainly qualified - if it's not going to be me, then she's an excellent choice) who should serve on the bench but the reasons should be competence, not an consequence of birth. see:

Back to the Republicans. Despite claims that they want the government to work, Michael Steele, the Chair of the Republican Party is still sending out this kind of fundraising plea.

“President Obama and his Congressional allies have shown America their true agenda.They are leftist radicals bent on transforming our constitutional republic into a socialist "utopia" by dismantling the free enterprise system, eroding the rule of law, (a swipe at Sotomayer perhaps?), imperiling our national security, and curtailing our freedom. Friend, a groundswell of popular grassroots opposition to the Obama Democrats' unprincipled power grab and failed policies is rising across America.”

And there was more, including in the realm of the ridiculous, a desperate P. S. (apparently they are in such trouble their rhetoric comes close to begging). And, not since elementary school have I seen a P.P.S. Cute huh?

“P.P.S. We need every American concerned about our nation's future to get on board in our fight. Help us increase the groundswell of support for defeating the Obama Democrats! Please forward this message to all of your friends and ask them to join our GOP team today!”

I’m not joining and I'm not sure how I got on this list -- but it is always entertaining. We’re just sayin’... Iris

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The Calico Quilter said...

Michael Steele just needs to go away - now.

It's good for a laugh on a slow day, but a frightening percentage of the population thinks that way.