Monday, May 04, 2009

I"m Sick Of It

I am totally sick of people I love dying. I am also sick of people I have read about or who have been my role models passing on. The list of things about which I am pretty sick, grows longer and it does not only have to do with loss or anything sensitive. Like for example, I am sick to death (OK I mentioned death but in a different context), of any mention of John Edwards and his girlfriend. I guess, in the greater scheme of things, I am sick of political people who use and misuse the power of their office and thereby destroy the confidence vested in them by an unsuspecting electorate. How many times have we heard “power corrupts” and how many times do we need to get hit in the head with it until we know it is not only true, but the norm instead of an aberration.

Moving on, I am sick of the people who live next door to me in New York. Unlike my courteous and considerate neighbors in Virginia. These people think they are “entitled” to do whatever. The man in the family is on the Board of Directors of our co-op. So while he should be advocating for the shareholders, he sends signals that he (and his family) can pretty much do what they want and screw the rest of us. Like, the hallways belong to the building, not individuals, but they use them as a playground and storage space for carriages and rain-soaked gear. And this would be OK if they didn’t leave their crap in front of our door. But I am told, that if I ever want to see the apartment I better tread lightly – - does that mean I can’t call my Navy Seal friends and have them teach these folks a lesson. Probably.

And I am sick to death of whining children, adults, airline passengers, and people who beg on the subway because they are suffering from the economy. Take the 20ish year old woman who got on my subway card today and spilled the saga. “I’m a single mother with two kids and I just got laid off, so I could use some help”.

“Who couldn’t?”, I wanted to say. But I controlled myself and didn’t. “Get a new job,” I also wanted to say, but I didn’t. I just kept reading my paper thinking, “what a crock”, but I continued to read all the news I deemed important. The 15 year old student next to me gave her a dollar and I wanted to ask him why? But I knew why. You never see a woman actually begging car to car. At Christmas, there are women who entertain and ask for a token of your admiration, but out right begging, hardly ever.

Anyway, what else turns my stomach lately—because I do go through phases? Oh yes, I am sick to death of e-mail, Face book and Twitter. I hate the idea that people don’t have to talk. There have been so many times when I sent someone a message and they missed my humor or intonation and sent me back a rather testy response. The internet has no sense of humor. Funny comes across as attitude and often sincere becomes sinister. But people use it so they don’t have to deal with other people in any personal way. My daughter thinks if she e-mails or texts she will get a response from people with whom she wants to have a professional relationship. I doubt that’s going to happen. People who are doing anything professionally want to hear the tone of your voice—it makes a difference.

So I guess this was a little like whining but without the sound. These are not the only things that make me sick, but it’s a good beginning. I just think when we sublimate these issues they start to eat at our insides and eventually manifest themselves as personality disorders. Did I mention that personality disorders really make me sick…. We’re just sayin’…. Iris


s.eth said...

For some reason, even though this post is a complaint, it made me smile. Probably because I agree with it entirely.

Your Neighbor in NY said...

I am your neighbor in NY. I am shocked that you harbor such ill will and malice towards me.
I sent you an apology by e-mail and face book, but since you no longer use these 21st century methods of communication - you obviously didn't read them.
I will now make your life a living hell via the co-op. Bring on your Navy Seals, your going to need them.

The Begging Woman On The Subway said...

I thought that was you on the subway Iris.
I remember you from last year - you were mean and ugly to me then too! Wow, not much has changed in a year has it?

John Edwards said...

Surprise, hope you enjoyed what I did above!!!

m_harding said...

if i could figure out how to email
a martini, a good book, and a chair by a quiet lake, I would.


Iris and Clay said...

I guess I'm just sick of the endless rain, and people who don't identify themselves.

Retired Belles Dad said...

I LOL when I began to realize it was all a joke. Maybe just me, but I thought it humerous?

Happy Mothers Day to all!!!

The Calico Quilter said...

Facebook and Twitter get on my nerves too. I think the current generation is incapable of having a conversation. If you can't say it in 140 characters or less, they don't know how.

I miss letters. I miss the written word (not to be confused in any manner with email).

Anonymous said...

Im sick to death about the tv commercials of erectile dysfunction! who cares if they cant get it up!!!!

Unknown said...

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