Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Things You Can't Believe

Yesterday I was reading the paper and there was an editorial about how the Administration wanted to cut health services to children. What else is new? But I thought the reason for it was quite interesting. It seems that they are afraid it will succeed and then, the next thing you know, adults will insist on government intervention in their health care – like, so they can have it. What a horrible thing. The reasoning by this White House never ceases to amaze me.

OK so now you know I can read. And I also watch TV. I am following, with great interest, the Presidential candidate debates. I am mixed about the U tube presentations. Don’t get me wrong, I think people should be able to ask the candidates questions. I even like it better than when pompous talking heads who call themselves news people, do it. In fact, when I can navigate my way to get on U tube, (I have not mastered My Space – which is too bad because Seth has a page and I can’t be his friend) and I like some of the videos (Jordan has a West Side Story clip and on a different one, The Gefilte Fish Chronicles make an appearance), but I’m not sure about it as a political forum. I guess I think of U tube as yet another way to entertain and I think political forums should be a bit more serious, or at the very least, not a method to entertain – but rather to educate and inform. Maybe it’s an age or generational thing—but then isn’t everything?

So much thinking gives me a headache. And speaking of headaches, I am not sure I believe the political polls. First of all, I cannot imagine anyone would vote for Rudy Giuliani. Are people still thinking of him as “America’s Mayor”. Well he may very well be America’s Mayor but that has nothing to do with being America’s President. It’s kind of ironic when you think about it. During the 9-11 tragedy America’s President was missing and America’s Mayor lead the nation. And now America’s President is still missing—OK maybe it’s not ironic. But it is a tragedy. Anyway, his policy inconsistencies, as well as his questionable moral character, make me wonder what kind of a Republican would vote for him.

And I just don’t get what Senator Clinton is thinking. My guess is that too many of her advisors are Washington political wonks. When she says she will have to think about whether or not she will talk to ‘rogue’ world leaders, Washington diplomatic people say, “Of course.” When she says Obama is naïve in his approach to ‘conversational’ diplomacy, the Washington diplomatic community agrees. But the Democratic base doesn’t agree. They are tired of not talking to everyone. People want someone committed to finding a peaceful solution to international conflict. They see this President refusing to talk to our friends as well as our enemies and they are exhausted by the rhetoric. They think he’s just a war mongering dope. Well, maybe that’s what I think.

I’m not sure analyzing a situation before you leap in is a bad idea, but I think that people want leadership and a willingness to reach out to ‘bad’ nations as well as good, shows a desire not only to find solutions to international problems without a war, but to show that we are strong enough to have a talk about important issues that effect millions of people. I guess that’s what the UN is supposed to do, but it seldom works – too much bureaucracy, too careful to step on toes.

This morning there are reports that Obama is going to announce that he thinks we should be out of Iraq but in Pakistan—where the real terrorists thrive. He thinks that the terrorists want us to be in Iraq because not only is it a distraction, and not only does it use up our resources, it is a way to unite all people who think of West as an enemy – with particular attention to the US. This new political strategy makes me nervous. I agree that we should be out of Iraq and focusing on the real ‘ism’, terrorism. But I’m not sure I want to play those kind of military games with the lives of our sons and daughters. These kind of politics always remind me of a game we used to play with Barbara Tuchman, the well respected writer and historian. We would go to Connecticut and she and Seth’s dad would play for hours. The game was called “Risk”. I think it’s probably still available and I wouldn’t be surprised if being able to win a game is a prerequisite for a job as a political appointee in this Administration. However, while the game was interesting and maybe even fascinating, it wasn’t for real. People didn’t die.

Were we speaking of headaches? Here are some of today’s headlines. John Edwards has hired Joe Trippi to run his website. You remember Joe Trippi from the disastrous Dean campaign.

Trippi & Dean in happier times (2003)

People credited him with conceiving of the internet outreach. He was not the conceiver, he was the merely the person who talked about it and, as with so many political people, took the credit. Oh, but he was responsible for the disaster. And the Congress has decided it’s all right for senior aides and lawmakers to lobby their friend in Congress without waiting a decent amount of time. The nominees for Joint Chiefs are saying that the Iraqi leaders aren’t doing much of anything—well what do you expect—they needed a vacation. And that right wing piece of trash “The Wall Street Journal” is finally owned by a right wing piece of trash. Have I overstepped the line? Sometimes I can’t help it. But here’s the best news as far as I’m concerned. Last week we went out to a riotous dinner with family and I lost a precious bracelet. (My dad had given it to my mom. It was gold with little jewels and a terrific personality.) I called the restaurant,

the Red Bruxelles on Greenwich street...

Café Bruxelles, (one of our very favorites with fabulous food including the best mussels and frites in the city) and asked if they found it. [Editor’s Note: The Sweetbreads (Ris de Veau) and Carbonnade (succulent beef stew) are just amazing!] No such luck. Last night, while we were in the area, I thought I’d just stop in at Bruxelles and see if anyone had turned it in. And sure enough, the wonderful server who patiently waited on us had. Discovered it under the table. The owner said he had called and left a message... I had inadvertently erased some messages yesterday morning and that must have been among them. Anyway, I have my bracelet and everyone should go and eat at Café Bruxelles (118 Greenwich Ave, (212) 206-1830) when you are in NY. In fact, make a special trip—it’s really good news. We’re just sayin....Iris


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Re: New Orleans comment

I did!!!! I booked the trip the day after I saw your
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relief projects three weeks later during the

Your photos were absolutely amazing and truly my

Iris&David said...

Leslie... good good good for you. Its funny for all the things you want pictures to do, giving alittle bit of inspiration here or there to someone you' ve never met is the best.. thanks