Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Who Do We Idolize?

Wouldn’t it be great if all the people who watched ‘Idol’ had to vote not only for a contestant but for a candidate. Wait, here’s a better idea. Why don’t all the candidates compete on Idol, in addition to all the primary States. Maybe that’s the way to resolve the dilemma of Florida and Michigan. The big three made their first appearance the other night on the Idol Gives Back special. They rightfully weren’t considered as important as Terry Hatcher singing what I thought might be karaoke, or Robin Williams doing worn out shtick pretending to be the winner of Russian Idol, so they got bumped. It seems that Idol, like all the other entertainment awards show, couldn’t keep on schedule so they ran over-and someone had to go. Or three someones had to go.

Maybe that was good news for Democrats because the second night the ratings were much lower and the person who emerged as the best Idol Presidential contestant - or at least the person who seemed most authentic in his pitch for donations-was John McCain. Hillary and Barack did same old, same old- “the world would be a better place if only we all came together to make it happen,” (who didn’t know that). Why didn’t they just sing “We are The World?” I love that song. Or maybe the suggestion of “holding hands across America” would have been a nice touch. McCain said, “American Idol is a lot like the Presidential primary election except for the people who live in Michigan and Florida-their votes will actually count.” He was real and the youth of America can feel that.

Here’s what frightens me. The other day I heard a staunch Democrat say, “McCain is a nice guy and he wouldn’t be a bad choice.” What does nice guy have to do with anything? He could be the nicest guy in the world and still be inflexible, short sighted, right wing, willing to continue a senseless war despite the cost in lives and resources, (otherwise known as caught up in macho bull doody) and too old to really understand the direction in which this country needs to go. He doesn’t understand the economy, he doesn’t care about freedoms to choose, and I’m not sure he has the moral compass-and I mean that in the nicest possible way. It’s just that when you’ve served as much time in the Senate as he has, it impacts on what’s right and wrong. He would be a terrible choice. He is not, as is now being touted by Republicans, a moderate middle of the road kind of politician. He is not! He is not! He is not! I think I have made my point.

Speaking of more of the same. I find The new flack over the word “bitter” to be tedious but not without ramifications. It simply proves the Presidential campaign has gotten stupider. Of course the candidates are going to track everything their opponents say and try to find something negative that resonates with the public. The Reverend Wright stuff backfired because Obama used it as an opportunity to have a conversation about race. The hateful Reverend Hagee endorsement of McCain went unnoticed because the press are still enamored of this candidate. The Tuzla controversy was a big deal because Clinton repeated it even after the truth was revealed-and then Big Bill went on to repeat it after the press had already moved on. I would truly like to know what has happened to his mind. His brilliant political instincts. Maybe when he had the heart trouble he didn’t get enough oxygen to his brain for too long a time. It’s pointless trying to figure out what Bill Clinton thinks or does-like the finger pointing - which makes everyone think about his initial Bill Clinton/Monica denial. I wonder if it’s the arrogance of the Clintons or again, a severe case of stupid.

Does the fact that Hillary spent the evening doing shooters with the guys mean she gets what real people are suffering through? (Her drink of choice is Crown Royal - not an ordinary guys drink). Or does the fact that Barack said working class people turned to guns and prayer in their desperation, make him an elitist. It’s simply more campaign noise, about which people are getting tired - I hope. Here’s the truth, as I see it of course. People are bitter about a great many things which will impact the election. Unlike when Gary Hart said “I got stuck in New Jersey” and he lost the state. (Of course he did-too many people chose to get stuck in New Jersey). Obama is absolutely right. People are pissed off that their jobs are gone overseas or filled by cheap immigrant labor. Maybe he misspoke about the shooting and praying, but people are angry. For a guy great with words, he didn’t choose these words carefully. But so what. Should we care about this foolish screw up more than we care about his vision for where the country is going to go, the fact that he ran a terrific campaign, and found a message which resonated with old, young, black, white, rich and poor. I don’t think so but I’m only one person. And should we look at Hillary and say, “wow, she’s really one of the guys.” Or should we remember that she and Bill have, since dinosaurs were eating people and plants, never been regular people. And additionally, have made about 100 million dollars in the last few years. It’s not unlike “W” saying, “Gas prices are high?” You cannot have 24 hour security, a staff that does everything for you - including carrying your money-and be in touch with real people. Because you are no longer real people when you serve in the Senate or run for President. Obama was a real person for longer than the other two candidates as well as the President, but he still hasn’t filled his own car up with gas for the last six months.

Do we as voters have unrealistic expectations about the people who are our leaders? Not if we elect them. We are not counting celebrities and religious personalities in this discussion. We want them to make judgments based on an understanding of what we, the majority of the public are suffering. Whether it be gas prices, food costs, loss of our jobs or homes, cost of education for our children, or a war that indirectly impacts on everything we are as a country. How then do we decide who is the one person who should be in charge? It’s not an easy decision to make. But maybe we should do it like the Idol does, and vote for the person who we think can best represent us on the world stage. Maybe listening to the lyrics of their songs without the noise isn’t a bad idea. We're just sayin...


Anonymous said...

Thou shall not worship false idols.



bd said...

Like I have said before, who the hell would aspire to to the presidency? What sort of person has the ego or is such a patriot that they would spend a fortune chasing election to a position that will surely shorten their life expectancy?