Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Not a Bad Graduation

Dr. David Burnett, what a concept! Colorado College is quite an unusual institution of higher learning and obviously a place with distinctively good taste because Monday they honored David with an honorary doctorate. And yes, that means he can treat honorary patients with honorary diseases - we've heard that at least four times-but it is cute.

Paging Dr. Burnett, Stat!

Graduations, where you don't know anyone on the podium except the commencement speaker and the college President, have the potential to be pretty boring once the speaker has spoken, but this one was really fun. Obviously, the kids are dressed in caps and gowns so you don't get to experience individual style except in the footwear and the accessories attached to the plain black robes. Some of them pretty telling. Like the Hawaiian flowers worn around the head, neck and ankles-by young women primarily from the Island state but by young men as well. There were some kids wearing flip flops, sneakers, loafers, and candy apple red very high heals. There were pins that glowed, there were earrings that shimmered, there were medals, chains and the usual neck ties and hair ribbons. Oh, and there was one kid who created an elaborate cap that looked like a whole pizza. Everyone was celebrating in their colorful individual way. As you can imagine, I love creative personal statements. However the most entertaining and yes, ingenious statement was made by a young man who, because he was short one credit and not allowed to 'walk' decided to streak at the same time that his name should have been called.

He also had his moment in the sun, if slightly more so.

It cause quite a stir in the audience not far from where Jordan and I were sitting - well where I was sitting. Jordan was on her way back to our seats when the streaker, passed by her so closely that he almost knocked her down. Her face was priceless. Kind of a “why isn't that guy wearing a shirt:, that quickly turned into a “oh my God, he's not wearing anything at all!” It was the perfect distraction in what was becoming a much too long series of degree awards.

Needless to say, we were all very proud of our newly annointed photo doctor. And we were thrilled that our cousins Chuck, Nan and Norm, could be with us to share in the day. It's always more fun when you are surrounded by people you love. (Additionally, the weather was beautiful and the ceremony was outside which made the entire experience even more wonderful.)

After lunch we said our goodbyes and drove back into Denver to visit with Micki, Chris, Tanner and Finn. Although it is unfortunately not a place we visit frequently, it is a place we love to go because they are among our favorite cousins. I have always been close with Micki - even when she was an impossible kid. And you know how your mother used to say, “when you have kids I hope you get back twice what you gave me.” Well I think with two little boys, just 18 months apart-this is likely to happen. It's so interesting to watch when they're not your own kids because then everything they do is funny. It's too bad that as parents, we can't fully enjoy their antics. Micki and Chris are unusually calm and patient in their parenting -- so the boys are fabulous. Funny, smart, adorable, creative and not overly anxious to listen what their parents have to say. They are not disobedient, just challenging - it's in their job description and it is incredibly amusing.

Jordan, after months of seeing SONIC commercials, reacts to actually visiting a SONIC for the first time.

Dinner was margarita's and quesadilla's at a local Mexican joint where the waitress had more tattoo's than most motorcycle gang members-all in all a colorful evening.

Tanner, Finn and Jordan in Margaritaville

It was a long day fulfilling day and we didn't want it to end but our flight was really early so we decided to stay at an airport hotel. The boys were disappointed about our decision not to sleep over. We promised them we would come back and spend more time and we will try to do that. It is simply too entertaining to stay away.

We were at the airport by 6am, on our way to Arizona before 8, and off to pick up Jordan's pal Ben and begin yet another adventure - this time in the Grand Canyon. Will it still be Grand after five days and four people in one room- one can only hope the doctor is in. We're just sayin…Iris


Anonymous said...

"Doctor Burnett..I'm afraid we lost the picture!" Enter DB:"Dammit,Jim..I'm a photojournalist..NOT A DOCTOR!!..But we can stilllll save it.. Quick! Give me a daquiri!!
Nurse:"But Dr. will that save the picture?? DB:"It won't, Nurse Digby..but at least 'I' will feel better.."
The adventure continues..

Anonymous said...

Tell me Dr D got a snap of the streaker on his Holga, please tell me he at least snapped the shutter.

I can't believe a Doctor of Photography was at this event with no photo of the streaker.

I'm mean that's why they were honoring you with the degree. You da man. You da best. You talk the talk and walk the walk. Streaking is life. We hope you got a picture of life that day.

majid said...
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Anonymous said...

Whoah!! Correctorendo!! There IS NO 'similar site' that matches up to this blog..err, blob.. And who really knows..Doctor D 'might' just have the streaker pic, and will spring it on us!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Dr. Burnett!

You can add that to your business card -- David Burnett, famed photojournalist and PhD :)