Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Politics and Thugs: They Seem to Go Together

For the last few weeks I have been working in 3 political campaigns in PalmBeach County, Coral Springs and Palm Beach,  and sending post cards all over Florida.  Here’s what’s going on. The Trump voters are exactly what you would expect, based on all the reports. They are Thugs. Oh sure there are some nice people but there is a hostility for Biden people who have worked in campaigns of yore. We put up a road sign, they take it down. From some reports they have razor blades tacked to their signs so the sign can’t be removed. They infiltrate our rallies and push young people around.  The police stand by an watch with amusement. It enraged me so I went to Trump headquarters to confront the racists. They said they didn’t know what I was talking about but they were smirking.

It is impossible to believe that this is happening in our country.  Yet, it is.  Sure in the past we got arrested for hanging signs in places where they might not be legal, but that was harmless fun. And yes I sent chickens to opponent's rallies—don’t ask. But the opponents laughed. This campaign has no sense of humor. The reason, because it’s not about people, the pandemic or the economy, it’s about the power to do what he wants, for financial benefits and his admiration for racists, autocrats, and other political thugs.  

When I go to Black and Hispanic areas it is thrilling. People ask for lawn signs, buttons and other campaign paraphernalia. But yesterday I worked the polling place in Jupiter and it was pretty depressing.  Maybe 1 in five voters took Democratic slate cards. If you don’t know what a slate card is, it basically preparation for the voter who doesn’t know the local politicians — state races, judges, and sheriff.  It is inspiring to see the number of people in line to vote early, but my fear is that the Trump voters outnumber the Democrats.  It is impossible to understand why, given his “wheeling-dealing”, dishonesty, and innate evil thinking. Such is life, but it’s our children’s and grandchildren’s lives on the line.  All I can think is please, Make America Kind Again.   We're just sayin'... Iris

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