Friday, October 23, 2020

It's 2020 And Politics in Florida Is Alive and Well

When I worked on the Gary Hart campaign sometime in the 80’s (the date shall remain flexible), the campaign was a bit short on structure. That didn’t make it less fun or less important.  For example, we never really knew where the candidate was headed. He had an actual schedule but sometimes when the candidate and the staff were on their way somewhere they changed their minds and instead of going to their scheduled destination, they went someplace else. Somewhere we had no ground support.  Sometimes we could get an Advance person to the location, and sometimes we would have to find a local person who had no idea why they were doing what needed to be done.  Just a little chaotic and challenging.

Pam Keith (running in FL-18 Congressional district) is an amazing woman, certainly well qualified to be a House Member, so why doesn't she have national support?  I talked to the DCCC, who has pretty much ignored her, so why?  The campaign has no structure.  You can not find out where she’s appearing because there is no posted schedule.  It may be that they are wary of a Trump thug appearance, but that can be handled by the police or volunteers. As Mother Goose I tell you this is true.  There is no Press person, so at Biden/Harris  events there is no one to speak for our candidate, and the Biden people don't show for Keith events.  We are handing out slate cards in predominately Republican areas, which is a waste of resources. There is a fundraising operation, but I can’t find them. And certainly no surrogates who can speak on her behalf.  If she wins, and I certainly hope she will, it will be because her opponent is a Trump supporter.  It’s a little frustrating.  

That being said, yesterday I posted about a Biden rally overrun by Trump thugs.  Did I mention that there was a  guy who wore a T-shirt that said “Ask me if I’m carrying a weapon,” and underneath there was a box checked "yes."  The police assured me there was nothing they could do about that or the fact that despite the county-wide mandate for masks — the thugs do not wear them.  Today i will call the county, but they’ll just say, 'nothing we can do.'  The police were wearing masks.  
Actually, if you think about it, I’m like a brainstorming campaign all by myself. I decorate my car, ride around in neighborhoods where there are likely Biden voters, I look for rallies. I put signs in places like Home Goods and TJMaxx  (smart shoppers - well educated in savings).  It's pretty funny. If I could wish for anything, it would be to have a team of chicken people here, and of course, to make America Kind and Truthful Again.  We're just sayin'...  Iris

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matt said...

I don't suppose you remember going to South Dakota with Gary Hart? When I was a kid, my parents ran the main business and were airport managers in Brookings, South Dakota. One year the state moved up the primary and everyone came through. I got lots of autographs. It was a blast. When Gary Hart came through, he played football with me, and even had some people on his team, including at least one woman, run routes. That was such and a blast. I gotta tell you that I really had my hopes up when Jack Kemp came through, but he had no interest in playing catch with me.

I became a photojournalist (now work at Washington University in St. Louis), and through years of covering politics, I never saw anything to capturing anything like the moment playing football with Gary Hart.