Sunday, October 25, 2020

If They'd Have Told Me This Fifty Years Ago, I Might Have Skipped Politics!

Yesterday the campaign discovered that the Republicans had substituted the Q candidate Loomer — a total whacko --  for Lois Frankel on the slate cards. Remember the slate cards direct you to whom to vote for at polls. It is something that even I wouldn’t do—but this is just a reflection of how evil and desperate these people are. 

When I say I wouldn’t do it, I wouldn’t  because the stakes are so high. Although there  was a time  when I might have considered it.  At the Democratic convention, I think it was NY, but a convention is the same no matter where it is.  Anyway, It is always important to station people at locations that are most important -   then it was the Gore skybox.  After a while, with all the VIP's hungering to be part of the inner circle, it was tedious. Terry O’connell was the guy in  charge of that VIP skybox.

He welcomed my help.  VIP rooms are usually difficult to manage because everyone who “thinks” they are a VIP wants to be in them.  There was one credential for that room and stupidly it was supposed to last 4 days.  There was no way that was going to happen.  (Counterfeits seem to grow out of thin air.) Furthermore, when someone was only staying one day they just tossed the paper.  We decided that we would use different stickers to designate different days.  

Shopping for stickers was a hoot.  There were limitations:  they had to be stickers no one expected, and cheap because we had no funds so we were out of pocket.  We finally decided that kiddie stickers, bunny, duckies and horses were our best bet.  In addition to which they made us laugh.  It simply wasn’t the moral equivalent of changing a name on a slate card for a Congressional candidate.  But we weren’t thugs, although i would never mess with Terry. He lost an arm and an eye in Viet Nam and looked like a big pirate.  And occasionally acted like one, too.

Today I found out the campaign manager is Dave, not Steve, and people have claimed to actually have seen him. Not me, but there would be no reason for me to see him because he doesn’t go to the Palm Beach  Gardens Democratic HQ.  There is no crafted message  - simply she (the candidate...) wants healthcare, is concerned about co-vid, and she wants to clean up the environment. So thats all good, and her opponent is just a stamp for whatever Trump wants, so that’s  all bad.  We apparently have a website which I will look at today and see if I can make GOTV or fundraising calls.  Does it sound uncoordinated? Why yes, it is.   We're just sayin'... Iris

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