Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Wow of the TONYs

This morning Mert called for President Obama’s resignation because he refuses to to identify these terrorist attacks as done by radical Islam.  Blah blah blah.  Here’s is my hope.  Once someone goes into the voting booth no one knows for whom they voted.  It is possible for someone who is perfectly sane,  to vote for Mert (the blurt).  Why they would is totally unexplainable but they could.  Right now, he seems to have compromised the Republican Party and leadership, with the idea that it doesn’t matter what the character of the candidate is (no moral core), as long as he is a Republican.  But that’s not what I wanted to blob about.  And as horrified as I am about the Orlando shootings, or the young woman who was murdered by a fan because it’s too awful and really, I can’t even imagine what my comment might be.  Except I hate when the media uses someone’s pain to entertain the public.

Let’s talk about the Tonys.  What a wonderful show. It seems that since everyone knew Hamilton was going to clean-up, they better do a phenomenal show. What can you say about James Corden?  He is a talent beyond talents.  He is a genius. Starting with the opening number, where he sang from at least 15 Broadway show, to Karaoke in the car, with James and Lin, then joined by Jane, Audra, and Jesse… it was absolutely delightful.  By the time Leslie Odum Jr., which was a total surprise, I couldn’t stop smiling.  But still it went on and on.  The last number with the Hamilton cast and everyone who wanted to be on the stage.  The fact during the show, actors stepped out to entertain the crowd on the street, was so generous.  The whole thing made me very proud to be even a little bitty  part of this incredible community.

So, hear is my question.  American Psychco, which team “We’re just saying” thought deserved some Tony attention, got nothing.  Oh, maybe artistic recognition— not enough.  But the show was imaginative and beautiful and funny.  The actors were talented, enthusiastic, and spot on.  You gotta  think there was something political going on.  So if anyone knows what that was, I sure would like you to share that with me.

It is tempting to dive right back into a political discussion.  Like a discussion about Mert determining that he was going to black ball the “Washington Post” because he didn’t like a headline they used.  It surprises me that someone who believes in 2nd amendment rights — the freedom to own and shoot weapons of war, but he doesn’t believe in freedom of  the press. Does anyone remember why it is important to have a free press?  Can you imagine what it will be like to have a President who operates without press scrutiny.  The media is not the enemy.  It is their job to report on everything a President or a candidate for President is doing and has done. They ought to make reasonable decisions regardless --- they are responsible to keep the public informed regardless of the issue. Woe is us/and the media, in a Trump Administration.
It is frightening to think about a person who is not stable to be in charge of — everything.

Anyway, the Tony’s were a “breath of fresh air”, at time when we need some space to just take one big breath.  We're just sayin' ......Iris

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