Monday, June 06, 2016

And I Said It First

The problem with not writing everyday is that when you finally sit down to write  you can not remember all the clever things you thought about when you said, “There’s something worth writing  about”.  The other thing is that when you write write something extraordinary, by the time you post it is no longer original thought.  Of course, then you write about politics because it’s constantly in your face. So let’s get it over with…

Until two days ago I thought Donald Trump actually could win.  But now he appears to be in total meltdown.  It was fun for him to be an asshole and blurt anything he wanted to blurt. Insults and name calling were amusing for a while, but the fact that he has to answer real questions about actual issues appears to be too much for him.  Yes, he is a racist and a sexist, and a moron, but he was also entertaining. The press loved the controversy at his every event.  But then ,when he started to call them (instead of Hillary or Cruz the liar) incompetent, evil, and sleazes, it wasn’t that entertaining anymore.  The fact that the press, who have been covering his campaign, sat through that horrible name calling press conference was inexcusable. Why they didn’t just walk out was mind boggling.  Apparently, the media are finally going to cover him like they do everyone else — asking important questions and not letting him get away with skirting around any question.

Enough politics.  Now the question is, can I remember what else would make a good blob. Taylor ham, a New Jersey favorite is now a national topic.  My dad had a taylor ham and cheese sandwich at least three times a week.  Taylor ham and eggs was a must at least once a week. But once you left New Jersey Taylor ham was no where to be found. It never occurred to any NJ person that it wasn’t available anywhere else in this great nation. Now, Dunkin Donuts has a New Jersey taylor ham and cheese croissant sandwich.  And you know once it’s a DD phenomenon it’s part of the future.

Today is the day the US stormed the beaches at Normandy.  In the cemetery at Normandy the graves are all facing west — looking homeward, an army at rest. What would those dead Americans, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Asians and Hispanics, think about this horrific election and Mert the Blurt Trump.

Moving on.  We are producing “Gefilte Fish Chronicles the Musical”, at the Chicago Musiclal Theater Festival in Chicago this August, so spread the word to friends all around.

OK back to politics, it can’t be helped.  While the tone of Presidential Campaigns can change every day, there are things that can’t change, like a Republican party continuing to support the racist statements because they want to win back the White House no matter what. Steve Schmidt, with whom I don’t agree on much, turns out to be quite amazing in a discussion about Trump and the Party.  He said, that with the exception of Newt, Republican leadership does not exist.  I would simply say the Media, until Mert’s statement about the judge, have also been incapable of confronting the idiocy of the Trump “campaign”.

Anyway, I was in Boston for an alumni reunion that was not my own.  I was invited for a panel about Presidential politics. It was terrific.  And it felt great to be part of a conversation with which I am and have been, a part.  The thing about, as my dear friend Angela calls our 4th quarter, is that you want to spend time doing what feels good. Spending time with people you love, doing things that are fun, and being respected for the work you have done and the compassion you have for others.  If they want a Republican party, the Republican leadership has to revoke their endorsements of Trump.  If they do that and show that what he has said over the course of this election is not acceptable, I think Mert will start to attack the Party that has been desperate to win, and he will just find a way to go away.  We're just sayin'.....Iris

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