Wednesday, June 22, 2016

the Bees Knees

Politics is pretty predictable and not at all interesting because it’s same same. Trump is name calling without substantiation, and Hillary is feeling great about the fact that she is able to back up her claims with facts. What more is there to say?

Anyway, my sister (in law -- but really, she is the sister I never had, except Tina), is a bee keeper. She has been trying to explain the “bee”  thing to me. So, here we go. I’m going to try to explain it to you with one or two political references, but you will definitely get it. She has two hives and has been wondering if there’s a queen in either of the hives. The bees apparently make a queen when they need one. How do you make a queen? Do all the bees register and they have an election? There are so many bees in one hive squished together that I couldn’t imagine how they voted on a queen. She laughed at me. Ok, they can’t have an election because they are distracted by more important things. All the worker bees converge on one bee and one egg that will eventually emerge as the queen. It’s like looking for the perfect egg and the perfect drone, not uncomplicated. Yes, I just introduced another item, “the drone.”

Here’s what happens, as far as I can understand. The presumptive Queen, much like the
presumptive Presidential nominee has to mate with the presumptive Drone. But, whichever the drone, they need to watch carefully until the queen takes off Into the air looking to get pregnant by the presumptive drone. Off they fly into the wild blue yonder. The queen playing hard to get -- as  most queens will. The drone follows the queen in hopes that there will be a mating opportunity.  If there is a mating, (and this is the gross part), the drones insides fall out and the drone dies. It’s not very nice but it is nature.

So wouldn’t it be amazing if people operated like bees. There would be a presumptive leader, who is agreed upon by the majority of the electorate. The leader has a responsibility to their constituency to figure out how to rule. The part that is left out is that once the ruler (queen) is selected, how high do they need to fly in order to have a drone (their staff), help them to develop a following before their insides fall out and they die.

The insides falling out is the piece that totally gets me because I get a visual image of these tiny
little insides dropping to the ground immediately after consummating the most important
relationship bees can have. Use your imagination. And then, there is no reward for doing their
duty and maybe getting a laugh or two. The bees in the hive kill all the drones because they are
not useful. It doesn’t seem fair. But in bee world, if you serve no purpose, then why would you hang out. What do you do? Sit around with all the soon to be eliminated other drones, talking about how you wanted to make that conquest? How the queen would have enjoyed it more with you.

Anyway, she feeds the bees sugar and water. I asked if they were all vegetarians. She said
every once in a while an ant or two wanders in and then it’s steak for dinner. As we say “a bees life”.  But much like in politics, nothing is for sure. You never know who is going to be the queen, or the presumptive drone, or what the outcome of that tenuous relationship will be.

What else is there to say, it’ a vicious cycle for bees and  it happens every couple of months, that’s the call of nature. .And for political people, it happens every four years. Whichever, it is too soon and not natural at all.  We’re just sayin’..Iris

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