Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Goin' Home Again

Some people would say “You can't go home again.”  I would disagree. You can go home again as long as your expectations are limited and you are prepared to be just this side of disappointed. I have no idea what this side means but it sounded thoughtful. Last week we were in Arlington  Va. Where we lived for almost 30 years. So what did I expect? My friends remain my friends.  No one crossed us off their list because we were gone. With that said, no one rushed into anywhere to see us. That's not fair. The trip was last minute and people were not waiting around month after month in hopes we would appear. But it was cool.

The biggest change was the amount of construction and building in DC and in Va. Places we
remember as examples of the community were gone. Like Yanni's a wonderful French bistro
where we spent endless hours eating excellent food and bonding with Lettie and Yanni the
proprietors. They sold it before we moved but it still existed and that was somewhat comforting
because we could say, "too bad it's not what it was.”

HB Woodlawn, Jordan.s school from 6-12 grade was unchanged for the most part and that was
reassuring. It was a very special place and never duplicated despite schools across the country
attempting to be HB.

When I go to Va. There are things I like to do. I go to every Trader Joe’s I can find because,
unlike NY, I don't have to wait in line, and there is usually quite a wonderful selection of wine.
Then I go to Tyson's Corner to buy blackened chicken at a stall in the mall. (Yes I'm a poet
and I know it). Then I have to meet a friend at the Mclean Family Restaurant  (aka MFR) where every important political person makes an appearance. It's a fun place to go and in fact when I
wrote, "So You Think You Can Be President" I cornered Newt Gingrich over a cheese omelet and home fries to write a blurb for me.

And he did it.

The truth is, there was nothing left for us in Arlington. The politics that I loved was no longer love able. Jordan wanted to go to LA., and David can be anywhere. But I miss the beauty of DC. And I miss my friends, they are irreplaceable. And I miss the plethora of delicious Asian restaurants. What I don't miss are the drivers and the traffic jams, unnecessary lights & siren motorcades, and the political bullshit that now is tedious and laughable--unless you are suffering their consequences.  We’re just sayin’…. Iris

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