Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Hour of Happy


Where do sink holes come from? Or from where do sink holes come? First you are at a Disney World resort, and then you are up to your pupik (use your imagination) in mud.  Sink holes are one of those things that just happen.... there’s usually no warning and certainly there appears to be no rhyme or reason.  Rhyme or reason is also one of those things that make absolutely no sense.  What does a rhyme, (hole and bowl), have to do with a reason, (unless you can find a reason for a sink hole). This blob is also not making any sense, so let’s move on.

Over the last two days we have experienced the most delightful civilized food experiences.  There are a few restaurants that are pet friendly.  It always becomes a big deal because most of them insist the pets stay outside.  It’s a law that pets, (including gold fish and little turtles) cannot be a part of a food experience, unless they are on the cement.  But what if it’s raining or snowing? Unpleasant at best.  However, there is a terrific cafe on 2nd between 54 and 53, that has incredibly good food.  No, pets are not allowed inside.  But it is attached to a clothing store, where you can bring your pet. No big deal -- unless you are banished to inclement weather.   The service staff (in both the restaurant and the shop) are very cool-- friendly, attractive,(incredibly gorgeous), and patient.  If you are in the cafe, (where the food, both breakfast and lunch, is terrific--especially the tuna salad, about which I am very particular), you are neither rushed or made to feel uncomfortable about taking your time.  It has a European feel, where food and civilized are usually compatible.  You can eat and shop and shop and eat, (my favorite things). While the food is delicious, and reasonably priced, the clothing and jewelry are not outrageously priced, but it has an upscale feel. If you are on the East side, stop by the Martier and have a bite or a buy, you won’t be sorry.
 the bar at Jamies
 the fluke was no 'fluke' and the 
amazing "mashed avocado" underneath -- awesome
 pork chop done to a 'tee'

 the $5 happy hour sangria..

Around the corner, on 53 between 3rd and 2nd, Jamie’s, which has been opened about 2 months.  Between 5 and 8pm, they serve oysters for $1.00 and drinks at happy hour prices.  In addition to a few excellent specials, the menu is diverse and satisfying. A bowl of mussels, fluke instead of flounder, and pork chops cooked to perfection. Yes, we liked it a lot because the food was wonderful, but in addition, the service staff, are nice friendly people, including the chef.  They seem to like the fact that you came to their restaurant to eat.  It is civilized in the best possible way -- pleasant and well worth the cost -- which is not outrageous or pretentious.

It was not my intention to write restaurant reviews -- theater yes, food no, however, every once in a while we find places that are so special, they need to take a prominent place in our worldly and wise, as opposed to our rhyme and reasonable blob.

Our kids were at Disney World, when the sink hole magically appeared. Our niece and nephew by choice,  were in Belfast, where there were riots. They were all thankfully,  OK. Sink holes, and riots are equally confusing.  They often come from no where and have no positive consequences. When we were kids and playing on the sand at the beach,  my mother would ask us if we were digging to China?  We believed if we kept digging we would eventually get to the “Orient.” When we saw movies about earthquakes, where the earth would open, and people would fall in, we thought they would also wind up in China.  Along with the earth opening, there were a great many things happening in China in those days, like children were starving so we had to eat our vegetables. When I went to China I found no people who had fallen through a crack in the world, although some children looked hungry.... Anyway, enough about China.  There are some lovely paces to eat and be entertained within two blocks on the East side of NYC.  We’re just sayin’… Iris

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