Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ra-dic-u-lous. Just Ra-dic-u-lous

Some things are too ridiculous to even mention.  But not for “We’re just sayin…”  The other day for example, I heard that Larry Summers was going to be the new Chairman of the Fed.  And why not?  He is a genius. He has no interpersonal skills, but that job does not require them.  He was a failure at Harvard…. But that was because he knew everything and no one else new anything.  Not a good idea to let that be known when you are working at one of the great American Universities.  He’s not a likable guy.  He’s not the kind of guy that you want to have a drink with and shoot the shit. Nope not Larry.

The time I spent with him was in the Clinton White House.  There were a number of people who were geniuses (genii?)  , the President was the only one of these smart people who had interpersonal skill, which sometimes he couldn’t control. But that has nothing to do with this blob.   There will no mention of names since most of those people have thankfully, disappeared.  When you had a meeting with Larry you could be sure of two things.  He wasn’t going to look at you (maybe he was afraid of women), and he wouldn’t be wearing his shoes.

Does it matter if you don’t wear shoes in the White House?  Only as much as it matters if you put your feet up on the table in the Indian Treaty room.  So now when I hear that Larry is going to get appointed to one of the most powerful jobs in the nation, I see him wandering the halls in socks (at least he left his socks on), always making important decisions. Maybe he thinks with this feet and when he wears shoes he feels like he is being strangled.

At 3:30 this morning, I awoke to David watching a Hallmark movie  on Hallmark ON Demand and talking about how bad the movie was.  David never watches Hallmark Channel. Admittedly, I do watch the Hallmark channel and when I do, David says I’m turning into my mother.  Well, what did he expect?   However, I didn’t even know there was a Hallmark on Demand possibility. The movie, (and why I remember this is unexplainable), was called “The Wild Girl”.  It took place about 1930 and was about Apache Indians, a photographer, (who David said didn’t know how to hold a camera), a female anthropologist, two Apache guides (good guys), and a small Apache tribe (bad guys). It would be impossible to tell you more than that because David was doing commentary as if he was the Characters on Mystery Science Theater 3000.  If you don’t remember this show, find it somewhere, it was hilarious.  On a scale of 1 to 10, the whole movie experience would get a 12 in terms of ridiculous.  Not only because the movie was horrible, but the time was either too late or early, and we watched the whole damn thing.

What can I say?  Every once in a while you just remember or experience things that are ridiculous.  And all too often, or perhaps not often enough,  we spend time reflecting on things we love, or hate or the frustrations we encounter in every day life. Recipes, critical reactions to theater, TV, movies, restaurants  or .politics, it is equally important to find reasons to make us laugh.  And that’s our favorite thing to do (other than eat.)  We’re just sayin’… Iris

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