Sunday, July 07, 2013

Whats the Point?

We have decided to create a new category to our blog called, “whats the point?”  It was inspired by the White House denial of John Kerry ( our wealthy, yet industrious Secretary of State) being on his yacht in Nantucket during the crisis in Egypt.  At first the White House insisted he was not on his yacht.  Even after the White House was shown pictures of him on the yacht, they said he wasn’t. (Wouldn’t you love a transcript of THAT “image crisis meeting?”   Finally, the spokesperson said, yes he was, and she’d been misinformed. 

So I pose the question, what was the point of the denials and, in fact, lies?  There was no point. They only look inept and foolish, or worse.  Why not just say, “Yes, he was on his boat, but in ongoing communication with the White House.”  End of Issue. 

And what is the point of Paula Deen’s continued apologies and explanations.  She admitted she called someone the N word in a desposition.  In her truthful response, did it add to her credibility? Assuming that your pain would make it better only underlines how foolish she was.   Take a lesson from “Avenue Q”.  (   Everyone’s an unintentional  racist at some point, and so we recognize it and move on. A few Mia Culpas and put it behind you. 

The Middle East and is in chaos.  They can’t seem to find a direction and head in it.  The military in Egypt insists there will be a democratically elected Government. But what’s the point of sharing that information, when no one thinks it’s true.  The demonstrations in the streets of Cairo looked like the fireworks on the Hudson. Only they were shooting bullets instead of starbursts.   And yesterday the Boko Haram (a radical Islamic group in Nigeria) killed almost three dozen students and teachers in a school in Northern Nigeria.   What’s the point of thinking you should be recognized as a religion of peace, when you cannot function without a violence so horrible, that it serves only to illustrate that you cannot be trusted with power of any kind.  The absence of outrage by moderate Islamic groups just illustrates  (CAIR??), there are no moderate Islamist groups. What’s the point of the people being angry when it’s easier to be happy.  And happy takes no energy and makes you feel so much better.  What’s the point? We’re just sayin’… Iris

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