Sunday, July 28, 2013


It’s hard to believe that it is almost August 2013, and I haven’t written anything fantabulous for the blob in a few weeks.  There are no excuses, July just sucked for inspiration.  But this morning there was inspiring news.  Zimmerman the murderer, was lauded because he stopped at an accident (some months ago) and helped the people who were stuck in their car – out of the car.  Zimmerman’s father says, “that’s who he is.”  Blah Blah Blah.  Kidding, Zimmerman was not the inspiring news, I was just kidding.

But then there was the news that  Anthony Weiner, had not stopped sexting after he resigned from Congress.  Uh, despite the cries of mea culpa (instead of me an idiot), were all for naught.  And, here comes the inspiring.  His hubris is inspiring.  He doesn’t get that he did anything wrong, that his behavior might have offended some women, or that his lack of ability to tell the truth is certainly not a reason for him to withdraw his candidacy. 
Alec Baldwin, ( the new political reporter for the Huffington Post) wrote this:

 I’ll bet that both he and Eliot Spitzer are really pissed that they didn’t run for mayor.

The mayors race in NYC is complicated—at least for those of us who are political novices.  There’s one candidate who never smiles.  She appears to be totally without humor.  You have to have a sense of humor – at least about yourself, especially when it is something that important.  There is also a former comptroller (good with numbers, I believe). Then there is a candidate who is a former public advocate.  Personally, someone who has the ability to talk to people as well as understands their problems is where I am leaning.  But my little voice remains silent because I don’t vote in NYC.

There was other inspiration this week.  We bought a puppy to share with my young cousin.  He appears to be part puppy and part fur ball.  He does however manifest the family ability to pile up  all his toys and spread himself over them so as not to lose even one. This wouldn’t be as funny if Tyrone weighed ten pounds.  He only ways about three. So in order to protect his belongings he has to stretch himself pretty thin.  It’s inspiring to watch that little cupcake, so determined, so focused. And the other inspiring event is to watch Madison (his other mother) hold him, look at him and love him.

It’s so much nicer to find beauty in the love of a pet than it is to find malfeasance, masquerading as a political aspirant. 
Were just sayin… Iris

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