Friday, July 05, 2013

Too Much To Ask?

It seems to me and I assume most right thinking people, that there are people who spend an inordinate amount of time pursuing ways to prevent other people from choosing the way they want to live their lives.  Take Rick Perry, (please take him anywhere away from the power of the elected official), he wants to decide whether or not women in Texas can have an abortion.  In order to achieve this, he launched personal attacks on his opposition like, ‘if her mother had had an abortion, where would she be today?’  I’ll bet everyone asked the same question knows the answer. But there are very few of us who would stoop low enough to ask that question.  He’s really such a horse’s ass. 

Whether it’s abortion, immigration, or gun control, there are so many people who are not forward thinking. Illegal immigrants are not going anywhere. They will be illegal  whether they have been here for one or twenty five years, unless there is a change in the law. The immigrants who want to stay, have their children and live a whole productive life, much like the immigrants of the pogroms in Russia, Jews from Germany, Irish from the potato famine, or Italians from the 20’s, are trying to pursue the American dream. Many of us, who are not immigrants, (OK we are all immigrants, but go with this), don’t understand the concept of the American Dream.  We have become cynical and jaded, and probably overpaid and overindulged.  Our parents and grandparents got it. They had dreams for their kids that were based on their belief that if you worked hard and were a productive individual, your kids would have opportunity beyond their wildest dream.

And speaking of wildest dreams, today, was July 4th,  always one of my favorite holidays.  Well, not always but certainly when I moved to DC. The first year we were there, the Carters invited the staff and families to watch the fireworks from the “backyard” of the White House. Yes, it was thrilling.  And so it was for the next four years.  After which, we were invited to the Capitol, to watch from the Speaker’s office.  It was cool, but you couldn’t really see anything because the smoke was so thick when the fireworks were launched. It didn’t matter, it was still a trip.  When we no longer had access to the White House Lawn, or the Capitol, we would go to the rehearsal of the fireworks and the show on the lawn of the Capital. Anyone could go, but not a great many people knew about it, so there was no crowd or traffic but you got to see the acts, and could watch the fireworks from any number of places in the area.  We watched them from a hill near our house in Arlington and that was fun as well. Everything was fun when you were surrounded by people having a good time.

Ho hum, wildest dreams, making sense, having hopes and dreams.  What makes people who can only be described as narrow minded busy bodies,  think that they can insert themselves in lives, which they have no business being in?  Forgive me for ending my sentence in a preposition, but when I am trying to be articulate, it’s hard to do it and at the same time, think about perfect grammar. Too many things to think about, so little time to think at all. Here’s the truth – this blob is disjointed and may not make any sense.  That is the way I would describe most of my writing. However, every once in a while I make a point, that is quite pithy.  Like today, my point is, that people who have nothing to add to the conversation should sit down and shut up. They should watch fireworks, go home, lock themselves in a room, and never come out without taking a few courses in history and the humanities (which ought to include ‘humility’), or maybe in creating hysteria and in behaving like a human beings.   Is it too much to ask?  We’re just sayin’..Iris.

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