Sunday, July 17, 2011

Listen Up!

Bear with me for one more day. On Friday, I went to two movies (Harry Potter and Midnight in Paris), and then took myself out to dinner to one of my favorite places Cubano, on third at 61st – where I had a mojito and, based on my delightful conversation with the people at the next table, a glass of sangria. Then I went home, wrote a blog and went to sleep, until about 1:30, when I awoke because the partier's at the club next door were rowdy and out of control – under our bedroom window.

Anyway, I was up, so I finished a self serving blob, and watched all the “Bones” and of “House” episodes that were on the DVR. At 5:30, I thought it might be nice to go to the club. But I opted for a little more sleep and didn’t awake until 8:30. (Is this Ho Hum enough.) When I finally got my ass out of bed, at about 9:00, I went to the club and worked out. If I hadn’t worked out I would be as big as a house. As it happens, I am only the size of an enormous kangaroo. Yes, eating large quantities of food will do that.

But that’s not what I wanted to blob about. It’s been a long time since there was any political commentary on We’re Just Sayin. The reasons are ridiculous, like I’m only reading “Variety” and “Back Stage”, and of course, Ken Davenport’s “Producers Prospective” O.K. None of this is true, although I find reading those publications far less frustrating than reading or listening to any news. Here’s the problem. There is hardly an elected official who has an once of common sense. And I mean that in the nicest possible way. And did I mention that there is hardly a lick of civility left in the Congress. The lack of good sense coupled with a serious absence of the ability to be civil, is a dangerous combination. Not that the White House has a corner on these two extremely important qualities, but at least the President has tried to do that hands across America thing. Or is it hand’s across the aisle. Or is it… Well it doesn’t matter because whatever the President tries to do, the Republicans will prevent it. It’s just what they feel compelled to do. Because somewhere in the back of their little, tiny, brains, they care more about their own political agenda than about the good of the country. Yes, of course there are problems with this Administration. First, they were too arrogant to listen. Then, they were too inexperienced to get anything moving. Then, they made some pretty stupid decisions (like another war, and rebuilding the infrastructures of other countries instead of our own, creating jobs, and maybe educating and feeding our children, instead of kids halfway around the world). Then the President tried to accommodate his Republican allies, but they didn’t care. They smurked (I know it’s spelled wrong but it’s supposed to look like Smurf), and continued to vote down or block every (even sensible) initiative, (especially where women were concerned).

Now we are on the brink of Armageddon and Eric Cantor and his pals are still making statements instead of progress. Posturing instead of progressing (I couldn’t find another synonym that started with a ‘’p’ to make it emphatic). Nevertheless, it truly just pisses me off. We were taught that elected officials are supposed to represent their constituents. Duh! Isn’t that why they were elected? And I refuse to believe that there is a person in the United States of America (who gets what’s going on), that believes this great nation should go into default.

OK so listen up you moron’s. “Get over yourselves. You will lose the next election if you continue on with this nonsense. No one thinks you are doing the right thing. Put on your big boy panties and vote to increase the debt ceiling.” Now, there is an interesting article I need to finish in “Back Stage”. We’re Just Sayin… Iris

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Pam said...

Since when can the word enormous be included in your physical description? Kangaroo,maybe, but enormous? I don't think so.

Maybe someone can explain to me how the recall of Bush's tax break for you-know-who is seen as a tax hike.
Over and over, those guys insist on that dishonest terminology.