Sunday, July 31, 2011

At the Bitter End, or Nearly So.....

In case it went unnoticed, the two party system ended with the last election. Will it rest in peace? I doubt it. The leadership in the Congress is now irrelevant. For years, people were identified as Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. But the Independent party was a mechanism to run for office if you didn’t like the Party candidates. The rules for Independents were no different. If the Leadership favored you, the committee assignments were plum and if not, even as an elected official, you wallowed on some committee which was powerless to make a difference. Sure, at times it wasn’t fair. The powerful (and those with longevity), got more powerful and favors were granted on often, unprincipled expectations -- retribution for not “falling in line,” was harsh. (Remember “Mr Smith Goes to Washington”?) Yet, with all the controversy about the system, it did seem to work. The leadership asked nicely, for what they wanted. The Congress Person said OK. The President was able to function and things moved—maybe not in a direction to your liking but there was always compromise and move forward, and a hope that after the next election, things might swing back your way.

Ah, but now, the misnamed Tea Party, (whose so-called revolution is not principled, it is just painful), doesn’t care about the system; they hate the government (except to make sure there is less of it), nor do they care about getting reelected. They are a Party with one mission, to make sure that whatever the Democrats, the Administration (BO in particular), and reasonable responsible Republicans think is necessary, does not get done. And they do not care or understand the consequences of their ideological inaction. It’s like passive aggressive government. If you don’t do anything, something will happen, but you will not be able to predict what that will be…. Or not be. And I mean that in the nicest possible way.

Anyway, are you following my incredibly astute thought process? I want to get this up before there is any kind of a compromise or conclusion to this hideous demonstration of why inexperience in government is not refreshing. Because I don’t want anyone to think I stole these words from one of the genius talking heads. And I also mean that in the nicest possible way. The idea that there are two days left before we default on our debt is almost laughable—the operational word being almost. The fact that the Congress is playing this dangerously foolish game, so close to the deadline, is what I would call—for lack of a better – playing with boys’ toys. The toys being the deadline, playing needing not more of an explanation. I don’t want anyone of our readers to misunderstand what I am about to say but my explanation of boys’ toys, is all about the size of one’s penis. Most girls don’t have a penis, so they find other ways to compete and other ways to negotiate differences. This is true in many instances. Whether it be giving directions or explaining a policy. Women use rhetoric that creates a story. Men don’t have the time or patience for a story. It’s take the seventh left, war is the answer, and my penis is bigger.

Not everyone is going to agree with me. They will say, Michelle Bachman doesn’t have a penis and look how many people like what she has to say. But, Michelle Bachman is an idiot who lives her life in a very different way than she insists other people live theirs. She is one of those women who thinks she needs to have a penis in order to become a powerful force. She uses the penis props to compensate for the lack of body parts. What do I mean by penis props – arrogance, deception, and believing her own bullshit. It is not only Tea Party women that use these tools, but the Tea Party personalities, as well as the Sarah Palins are just damn good at it.

Will we have a deal, compromise and move forward for a few months, only to have to another important issue decided under intense pressure, at the last minute. No doubt we will. I really liked the other three parties, where everyone played nicely with whatever toys that had. We’re just sayin’.. Iris


D and N said...

Great column Iris, but there is one mistake:
"...but my explanation of boys’ toys, is all about the size of one’s penis. Most girls don’t have a penis, so they find other ways to compete and other ways to negotiate differences..."

Being the father of a 15 y.o. star athlete, boy "looker," young girls now use sex and their bodies in ways we as young boys couldn't imagine.

Its no different in Congress, either house. Politicians are "posers" as they must be to attract the attention of a deficit electorate.

This financial ping pong game ended exactly as my financial guy, who happens to be a conservative (yet thankfully knowledgeable and quiet)
said it would.

Best wishes,

Iris&David said...

funny, my next blob is about posing. and I agree, girls have all kinds of new tricks of which we never conceived.