Saturday, May 29, 2010

and Into Port...Finally

What a difference a day makes –24 little hours. Actually twelve hours – but 24 is much more musical. As I mentioned a few days ago, it was so hot, my sweat had sweat. Then, like magic, we were back in the good ole USA and it was cold. We were not in Alaska. We’re talking San Diego.

Jordan and Jack came, from L.A. to San Diego to visit us on the ship. They brought bathing suits. It was so cold there was no water in the pool. This did not deter them. They went in the hot tub and then froze when they tried to get out. While Jordan needed to be wrapped like a taco, Jack is used to the temperature in Kerry’s pool so he did alright.

It was a great day, spent mostly eating and drinking and scouting around the ship (there are a lot of decks to cover.) They arrived at 1:30 so we had burgers on deck. Then they relaxed with drinks on the pool deck. Next stop, cocktails in the Seven Seas, and then dinner at the Sevens. Yes, we waddled out about 10:30 and they had to leave the ship because otherwise it was leaving with them. They met all the cruise friends, and the Captain and I think had a good time—even though it was with parents.
Jack, Jordan, DB and assorted stogies
We arrived in San Francisco, passing under the Golden Gate at about 5am, and were invited to watch the arrival on the Bridge with the Captain. It was actually thrilling, but so foggy we couldn’t see the bridge save for a hint of a pylon, wrapped in fudge thick fog, but we did see Alcatraz, the coast, the seaport and the Bay Bridge. Hard to believe so much time has passed so quickly.

the Bay Bridge... at bay
So as not to suffer an enormous and immediate shocking withdrawal, from friends and food, we had lunch with Jon and Anne at Pier 39 on the Embarqadero, which by the way, gave us two hours of free parking. We think it could be the first time ever that someone actually USED one of those Tourist booklets, the coupon good for parking for two hours. (Hey, $14 is $14) Had a great lunch of lots of crab and assorted seafood, (we hadn’t eaten in at least a half hour), bid them a teary goodbye (not really because we’ll see them next week) and made our way to Palo Alto, to visit with David’s mom.

It's almost Golden
If you are going to age, I would suggest you do it at an independent living apartment complex like this one. Sure there are the usual activities, (bingo, fitness, cards, etc.), but these folks also make their own fun by having a daily morning coffee klatch, where they bring a bit of breakfast and the Hyatt provides all the coffee they can drink. Their discussions are not about health or aging. They discuss contemporary topics in a most cogent manner. There are a wide range of opinions and ages. Some very Democrat. Some very Republican. Some couples, some singles – all lucid and involved. In addition, Mom has a once a week cocktail party with her neighbors, where everyone brings a bit of food and their own wine, or drink of preference. Once again, it is time for exchange of information about friends and current topics. Yes, they are fortunate to be lucid and healthy, but I think this kind of mental exercise and interest is one reason they are not just waiting to die – as is the case in so many places where the elderly live. These folks have found a way to live independently with companionship and have fun … get me to the nearest Hyatt.
Nothing gets by these folks...
We did hear about an alternative – which we are considering. It cost the same to take a cabin on a cruise ship that it does to live in an assisted living facility. Three meals or more meals a day, with entertainment. It’s nothing to sneeze about. Again, this kind of life, is not a bad option. We’re just sayin’… Iris

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