Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Which is Worse?

which is worse--or a new name

There was a chance that I was going to write about a New Year and family and changes, but in the realm of change—I changed my mind.  There’s just too much good gossip in the political world, and I’m all about piling on. 

Which one of the following do you think is the most appalling?  Revelations about Elizabeth Edwards as bitch or an out of touch Majority Leader, Harry Reid, who has said over and over , (well maybe just over), that  he has apologized to the President and everyone who was within the sound of his voice. Or how about reports that the newly released Richard Nixon papers confirm his hatred for the  media and what he called the “Kennedy culture”.  This included nasty comments about Lincoln Center, which he thought was a horrible monstrosity.  And modern art in embassies which he considered “incredibly atrocious”. 

There is no pressure here but in case you are trying to answer the question, it’s not even close.  No, I’m not going to provide you with a definitive answer.  My job is to inspire and entertain not to educate, but let’s do a quick analysis— in other words, my take. 

Richard Nixon is dead.  I know this for a fact, even though he didn’t lie in State in the Capital, and we couldn’t put a stake through his heart to make sure he was gone.  There is no new news here.  It’s simply a rehashing of everything we already knew.  It reminds me of the time Amb. Harriman called me because she wanted advice about how to respond to questions about a “tell all” book about her life.  First of all, I was crazy about Pamela Harriman.  She was wonderfully generous, hard working and fun to be with, so I didn’t want to hurt her feelings.  (Also I had a gorgeous suite in the Residence in Paris whenever I visited—staying in her favor had many rewards.)  At the same time, I thought it was important to keep things in perspective.  I advised her to say nothing.  No comments whatsoever, because whatever she said would make news.  Additionally, I knew that there wasn’t going to be much interest in which dead guys she slept with hundreds of years before. 

Harry Reid has no personality.  He is certainly not my idea of a leader—Majority or otherwise.  His voice is without expression or power and his demeanor, merely mush meandering, and I mean that in the nicest possible way. My guess is that Harry simply didn’t know the term “Negro” was no longer PC.  My mother doesn’t remember that either – no matter how many times I remind her.  It’s not necessarily a racist thing (it can be), it’s an age thing.  When Harry was growing up he probably called Black people “Negroes” .  He probably didn’t see many people who were different than he, so he is simply unpractised and out of touch.  His other statement, “Obama won because he was light skinned”  is probably no worse than saying he is  handsome, a hunk, and very sexy.  But race is still a touchy subject and truthfully even in 2010, one we are still not allowed to touch. 

Moving on, to Elizabeth Edwards who behaved badly on the campaign trail—and with regard to campaign political policy in general.  The cover of New York Magazine shouts about “The shocking untold you-can’t-make- it-up story of the fall of John Edwards."  Huh?  I haven’t yet read the new John Heilmann nad Mark Halperin book “Game Change”.  There is almost nothing in the excerpt that hasn’t been revealed in some public forum.  In fact, when asked why he conducted himself in such a hideous manner, (having the affair with the videographer in front of his wife and staff), he said “Because I could.”   Everyone knew that Elizabeth was determined to continue the campaign, regardless of her health or her husband’s behavior.  And although she was the wounded party, no one ever accused her of being “nice”.  The candidate's wife is never “nice”,  It’s just not a First Lady quality.  So again, there’s nothing new here, although there is certainly a great deal more of what we already knew.  It is salacious and gossipy and amusing, and like any piece of non-fiction with these qualities, worth buying.   My question is, since most of the media were aware of all this, were they just waiting until he was nominated to discuss it with the public. 

As I said, I’m not going to tell you which I think wins the contest, but what is worth considering is why any discussion, about any of these stories is worth the time it takes to talk about them.  We're just sayin'...Iris


Eric Rose said...

I am glad to see Fox TV has dumped reality TV in favour of Sarah P. Should be entertaining, in a kind of weird, slow for the accident, kind of way.

Anonymous said...


Sorry to post here; just trying to get in touch with you about travel plans. Please shoot me an email when you get a chance--I tried emailing but it said your inbox was full.

Take care!

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Anna Wang said...

oh thank goodness there is Rush and Pat, to give us something to really cringe at!