Saturday, October 10, 2009

That Peace Prize

“It’s Bo’s birthday” was not the way I expected the President to acknowledge receiving the Nobel Peace Prize. Maybe he, like the rest of us, was so shocked he just tried to put it in perspective and starting with “It’s Bo’s birthday” made as much sense as his receiving the prize. I know, it’s not fair just to leave it at Bo’s birthday. The President did say that he didn’t view it as a recognition of his own accomplishments. Which is good – since there aren’t any yet. And I mean that in the nicest possible way. He has only been in office for 8 months. I think the country has disappointed expectations because they expected too much. George Bush did eight years worth of damage. So this President has to help the country recover as well as move forward. Not an easy task.

Ok. We are all wondering that the Nobel committee was thinking when they awarded him the prize. Many of the cable pundits thought it was because they were hopeful that he would work to deserve it. Like, instead of committing more troops to Afghanistan, he would realize that; 1. we can’t win there and 2. it is clearly becoming his war, rather than Bush’s war. If I lived in Oslo, and was on the Nobel selection committee, and I was desperate to find someone who actually did promote peace—but couldn’t, I might try to nominate someone who might do something to promote world peace. But that is kind of a stretch.

Let me share that this is not the first time I was surprised about the Nobel Peace Prize. Former Vice President Al Gore shared it for making a movie about Global warming. The movie/seminar was incredibly informative, but I’m not sure it deserved that big prize. And speaking of Al, (who, when living at the VP’s mansion, threw a wonderful Halloween party every year which we happily attended in colorful costume), he called Obama's win, “extremely well deserved and an honor for the country.” And he cited Obama's “UN speech on abolishing nuclear weapons, his shifting of the missile defense program in Eastern Europe and Russia, and joining other countries to confront Iran on nuclear nonproliferation.”

I could be wrong (we know it happens infrequently), but one of those things sounds like a vision, one an intention and one an action, but nothing that merits the Nobel Prize for Peace.

But seriously folks, there are more important things to consider than who won the prize. There’s the party. Jada Pinkett Smith, and her talented husband Will are going to host the Nobel Peace Prize party. Did you even know there was going to be a party? Not to worry, it’s not until December, and I’m sure all our invitations will be in the mail.

Let’s start that sentence again. But seriously folks, what was the committee thinking. There were a record 205 nominees this year. Other than Sarkozy, surely there must have been someone who has actually done something to promote world peace. How about the US exchanges programs, or Seeds of Peace But who am I to pick a winner. So let’s start that sentence one more time. But seriously folks can you imagine how pissed off Bill Clinton must be. We’re just sayin’…Iris


Lisa said...

I think the Nobel Prize is an honor for the President, he was very gracious about accepting it.

Walter Briggs said...

A Peace Prize, without acieving 'peace' itself.. And after even sending someone to Israel 9 times this year for peace peace..Crazy Iranians want to destroy peace.. What happened to the good old days of 'earning' something, rather than putting on a show?