Saturday, April 22, 2006

Why the Blob

Although most of the people we know who would read this blob -- and really, why would you read this if you didn't know us...we're just sayin, have seen either the 1958 movie "The Blob", or have been reduced to viewing the '80's version. The early version is a classic, the latter a disaster -- not even good enough to be remembered as bad. Well if you haven't seen it, you might recall that the story revolves around a gelatinous material that consumes everything in it's path. It appears to have a life of its own but, while it does have a personality it doesn't make conversation or reservations for dinner. It merely consumes and grows and grows and grows. It appears that it cannot be stopped, but like a miracle there is a solution...Ice. The dialogue goes as follows:

Lieutenant Dave: At least we've got it stopped.
Steve Andrews: Yeah, as long as the Arctic stays cold.

This is not going to be a Blob about global warming but you have to agree, the conversation between the lieutenant and Steve was a bit prophetic. I don't really understand the concept of blogging. I know that over 99,000 people have blogged about a tv show which pits obscure celebrities and chefs against other obscure celebrities and chefs, but I don't know why 99,000 care enough about obscure celebrities and chefs to write about them. And if that many people are interested in bad food and obscurity, I can only imagine that there are millions of people who blog about dog shows, billions of people who blog about clothing. Anyway, there must a trillion who gab about getting old, all the pains they have and the medication they take, and, of course a gazillion who do the same about "American Idol". Is there such a number as gazillion? Maybe it's bazillion? It's a number kind of like Hondrikavah, a place my family made up, but until I was an adult I thought was right next to Honduras. Need I go on? Anyway, it seems to me that blogging is doing exactly what the Blob did. Each blog or blogger has a personality but they probably don't make reservations -- or any sense. So the movie was not only prophetic about global warming but about the impact of technolgy on information and consequently on society. As political people/journalists, we have always been careful to get the facts straight and quote sources correctly -- OK sometimes David quotes Rush Limbaugh but that's a hangover from growing up in Salt Lake and he does it to piss me off... But even when he quotes from questionable (I'm being generous) sources he does it accurately. In addition we would never consume unreliable information, add it to other impeachable banter and deliver it as fact for further consumption. People who write, read, and believe what it says on a blog in effect, been Blobbed. That being said, we will always be right up front about our Blob. No one should trust, believe, or rely on the content. All who consume it should merely be entertained...we're just sayin.

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Walt said...

Phoenixville, Pennsylvania (home of my friend Steve)

Far better place to make a movie than Hollywood

Steve McQueen meets the blob