Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Blobbing with the Burnetts

This is the first line of the first graf of the first post, and so far, blobbing has been extremely exciting. We couldn't just sit by and let all the other Blobbers just post blob after blob, and not react. I mean, what are we chopped Liver? (You CAN enjoy chopped liver during Passover, but somehow it seems to take a back seat to gefilte fish, but that's another story.) So we started blobbing, and it really seems easier than TYPING 101 Class: just let it flow, let it run, and you're blobbing. Wow, we're blobbing. Well, here we are, blobbers and happy to be here. This space in the future will be occupied by various observations, travel memoirs, rants, witticisms, and other wise uncorroborated opinion (apparently in blobbing, contrary to ACTUAL Journalism, you're not supposed to either verify information, follow up rumors by checking them out for veracity, nor be sure what you're saying is for real) which we hope will cause our readers and viewers (yes, as a photographer unleashed, images will find their way here too) to feel that Blobbing is the wave of the future. So enjoy We're Just Sayin, because, after all, I mean, you know, We 're Just Sayin.


Apparently it's supposed to be BLOGGING not BloBBing, however given what we've actually read online, we think BLOBBING makes a whole lot more sense (see the original film The BLOB, 1958 and you'll know what we mean). Come BLOB with us.

Iris Burnett ( political operative, novelist, world traveller, humorist, entrepreneur, mother, discount shopper)
David Burnett (photojournalist, world traveller, beer gourmand, mimic, possessor of a keen eye and keen wit)


Charles Rex said...

Wow this is great David, but Iris I disagree, I think Idol is such a waist, another TV show telling us what is good or not...."you are a winner and you are not" clean maybe, Just another media outlet touting self instead of service to mankind. As far as voting...Iris I can trust you to make a good vote, you are informed woman, or at least David has always said that. What I am more interested in is how can American's be educated in not caring about the lives of celebrities. Who they are sleeping with, how much money they are making, and last but not least their political views without any "educational credentials." I can only imagine the uninformed voters, those that David and I have seen on campaigns in the city and rural setting, listening to celebrities just because they have a hit show, look handsome or pretty. Well enough from me now, my FIRST ever blog entry. By the way, I love The Amazing Race, West Wing, ER, and Inside the Actors Studio. Cheers

Steven Currie said...

I'll bite. Here's my Blob or my 2 cents. Ih the photo of the 2 of you is that a Jewish guy wearing a kilt> I'm just sayin'


david friend said...

David And Iris: Lots of fun. By the way, I LOVE the film, The Blob. I would suggest adding a button at the top of your site that offers the user the option of listening to the bizarre theme song from the film. Cheers, David Friend

Jenia Kulachenko said...

Hey, David and Iris! Great to see that you guys are as active as ever. I am so proud of my acquiantance to both of you. I'll be stopping by to say hello once in a while, if only to upscale my English, which seems to be deteriorating over the years (like I don't understand the MEANING of what I am reading :)))
Say hi to JK :)