Friday, November 11, 2016

Yes, There Was An Election...

Who’s to blame for the surprising loss? And so begins the blame game.  You might notice an absence of blaming anyone on the Clinton campaign.  Nope, their campaign was perfection. Unfortunately,  it was the same campaign they ran in 2008, only with money. Word has it that the campaign has about $150 million left.  Who gets that money?  Probably not Gefilte Fish Chronicles the Musical — which is a musical show I wrote about the power of family. (More about that after I finish blurting about the campaign.)  If you haven’t seen it,  check out “The Beaverton,” - it’s  the Canadian SNL.  ( They did an Obit about the death of the US.  It is hilarious — remember you always have to maintain  a sense of humor about everything, especially politics.  (and i don’t minimize the impact of this election on everyone).

The night before last, David and I participated in a Post Mortem about the election, after which we ran directly into the Boston protest march.  It was a joy to see all those kids united in their dissatisfaction with election results.  David wondered how many of them actually voted. It doesn't matter, I was just delighted to see all those people expressing peaceful outrage about anything.  It took me back decades when we went out on the street for everything; the war, women’s rights, civil rights, human rights, and lamb chops (I just threw just lamb chops in for effect— we ate rather than marched for them).  BTW, to all my friends who are Veterans, thank you for your service.

Anyway, back to the election.  My good friend Kat, who is a fine, smart, person and a Republican, sent me an article to help me to understand one reason why Trump won the election.  It’s a good read you elitists might want to read and take to heart.,-Trump-is-a-thing-called-hope?utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=AP.  Whoa, I’m being much to serious. 

Another anyway, we will all survive.  There are checks and balances.  Here’s what I find amazing, The people who Trump calls lost and forgotten,  have elected two billionaires (Reagan, Trump) for many reasons.  Maybe, one of them is that people from all classes don’t aspire to be “middle class”, they see billionaires as a role model, and what they aspire to be.  Whoops, still too serious.  Is it possible that the same people who wanted Bernie Sanders voted for Donald Trump. How’s that for funny.

Just wanted to say, (as my last serious note) I love having geographic access to my children and grandchildren.  I lied, I have one more serious note. If you want to be inspired by the Hillary Clinton that we should have seen during the campaign, read her concession speech. Hre’s one place to find it.

Back to the blame game.  Never mind, here’s the most unfortunate, dangerous thing. Every name mentioned for the Trump administration is an old white male.  How will Trump supporters react to this not cleaning up the government but rather reinforcing the fact that change is impossible.  Time will reveal the truth.  In the meantime, “Let’s put on a show.”

We’re just sayin’… Iris

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