Wednesday, November 09, 2016

So Close, But Not Quite There...

Last night, when I checked the Emerson polls, it looked pretty good for a Hillary victory. And I thought, “it’s about time”.  My only regret being that Gerry, Bella, and Betty are not here to revel in this victory.  We all worked so hard to make this happen.  If not today than certainly over the past three of more decades.  Joyce says they are all watching  (including her mom, and mine…. but mine is watching game shows and Judge Judy), this victory and sharing our happiness.  It would be better if they were here, because they always have been.

The first time i realized that there were so few female elected officials was when Elaine Noble was elected the Massachusetts House of Representatives in January 1975. She was the first openly lesbian or gay candidate elected to any state legislature.  When there is no one and then there is someone, you do take notice.  She only ran for two terms because the legislature (in order to get rid of her) redistricted and combined her district with Barney Frank’s (also gay), and they determined not to do battle.

If you didn’t live in Boston you probably didn’t notice, except Warren Beatty with whom I had a bet during the release of “Reds.”   Warren said if I could guess who is favorite politician was, regardless of gender, he would contract my consulting firm to do the open of the film, in DC.  “Elaine Noble”, I said.  And as soon as he picked himself up off the floor, we signed the contract.

The early 70’s was a time when my interest in politics and justice started to emerge.  Along with Hillary and a few friends, we worked for McGovern, in his Presidential campaign, against the War.  We were activists in the civil rights movement, in the women’s rights movement and any other movement where there was injustice or an angry crowd — like when Louise Day Hicks ran against Kevin White and “Forced” busing.

But that’s not what I wanted to blog about. I wish I was with the “girls” who worked so hard for Title 9 like Judy and Marcia, choice, pay equity,  and so many other issues where we needed to fight a good and fair fight.  Our opponents did not fight fair, were usually men but there were and are scattered women who behaved like Donald Trump— never answering a question and never telling the truth — because their agenda was only to make money and noise —- you know who they are.

Whatever, this is a day to celebrate.  This is not a time to argue or be angry at people who do not feel as we do.  The fight is not over.  Really, it’s just beginning, because there will always be people who believe Hillary is a crook and should be in jail, the system is rigged, women can’t control their own bodies, and women should not make as much money as a man.  But who cares. Today is historic for so many reasons, and although there is sadness for the loss of our girlfriends who aren’t here to share the win, but victory is still so sweet.  We’re just sayin’…Iris

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