Sunday, July 10, 2016

Stupid Candidates or Violence?

Almost Everyone in this country is asking the same question.  “Why are people killing each other?” The answer of course is that people have access to weapons. All kinds. Knives, shot guns, machine guns, machetes and you take it from there.  What are the consequences of this repeated horrific violence?  The perpetrator, (who was a vet) in the Dallas shooting of five police officers said that it was revenge for the senseless killing of all those young black men.  He was making a statement about how Black lives matter.  People who respond to that with, All lives matter, just don't get it.  Are the police shooting white drivers who have a missing tail light?  And do white 4 year olds, who have just seen their father murdered by a cop, get searched and handcuffed?  Not so much.  Yes, we do have our share of idiots with guns, but what happened to that second step -- the Taser.  Ok it goes like this: the black guy gets stopped for some violation. Maybe a broken tail light, maybe for selling cigarettes one at a time.  The next logical move for the officer is to say, “sir you have violated whatever.”  The black guy says, “really -- what did I do?” The cop says, “you get that light fixed” or “you stop selling cigarettes.”  The supposed criminal says, “OK.”  The cop, isn't satisfied with an OK, so he says, “step out of the car.”  The human being says why?  The cop, sensing nonexistent danger, shoots to kill.  As citizens, aren't we allowed to ask Why?  No, My mistake.

Along with access to guns, and thanks to grants from Homeland security and the Pentagon,  every police officer, and police department carries military weapons.  So, what should they do with them?  Kill people of course.  Have they been trained to use the artillery, or in good manners? Probably not. My son posted on Facebook this morning that the hoodlums who he grew up with became police officers.  Funny but the same thing happened where I grew up. (Except for Art Lefkowitz)   It is possible that this is what happened in every city and town. So a good percentage of these police officers grew up as racist thugs. And we armed them. This is not to say all cops are lunatics. Where they work in the communities they protect and get to know the people who are their constituents, the senseless violence is far less likely to happen.

Moving on to the Presidential campaigns. And briefly, my last cab driver was laughing uncontrollably. It was 6am, why would anyone think anything was so funny. My eyes were closed in hopes for additional sleep. That was not going to happen. "What's so funny?" I asked. "Donald Trump," he said.  " I love this guy. He says anything he wants. And he loves everyone."

"Where are you from?" I asked. "West Africa. But I've been here for 28 years. The only thing is I can't vote in the primary because I want to be independent. But I'll vote for him in the general election.  So will all my friends. He's very funny."  People have voted for candidates for stupider reasons. I don't know any, but there has got to be at least one.  What is with this election?  People ask me what's going to happen and for the first time in too many years, who knows.

As I have said before and although it is painful for the Democrats, it is possible for Trump to win the nomination and maybe even the election.  How can that happen? People are tired of same same. They are angry about the government and their elected officials’ inability to get anything done. And people like celebrity and entertainment.  It is why it's hard to find a network that hasn't decided to make all the morning shows entertainment based. It is also why the evening news struggles when there is an alternative on cable. It is also why someone like Trump ... An incredible asshole, is probably going to be the nominee.  Although his statements about the Mexican-American judge from the Midwest who had never been to Mexico,  and who Trump felt could not be unbiased, might have been a turning point. Do we really want Trump to make Supreme Court appointments? Think about that.

It is unclear about which of the items discussed here is the worse one. Violence or stupid  candidates.  The consequences for each is dire beyond belief.  We’re just sayin’... Iris

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