Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Where Does It Go?

Where does it go? You probably think I am talking about time.  Where did all the time go?  Well that’s not the theme of this blob, although it is an excellent question.

Where does all the fat go?   Yes, the fat, when you start a diet.  There was a time when I went on the Atkins (Blessed Memory), diet.  It was that time in one’s life when it’s not hard to lose weight. Within three weeks , my weight dropped from 130 to 110, within three weeks.   The weight went so fast it was frightening. And it happened during a time when I was having a regular checkup.  There was no sugar in my blood so I had to have a battery of glucose tests.  Anyway, it was all good except, when I went to the clinic I ran into an old boyfriend from college days who looked wonderful and I looked like shit.

So where does the fat go?  Does it take a train to Calorie Land during the night?  Is it lurking beneath your bed waiting for you to eat a candy bar?  If you don’t have surgery it still has to be somewhere.  Just think about 5 pounds of chicken or steak, or vegetables.  Unless someone eats them, they remain very much present.  Not so with human weight loss.  One day you are a cow and a few days later you are the size of a snake.  It is very confusing.

When we diet we are always told that you need to find some method that will work for all of your life.  That’s not going to happen in this life.  You are told that if you get off your diet you will gain all the weight back.  So lets say I diet for a week and lose 6 pounds.  Then I don’t diet for a few days, but I also don’t eat.  And wham!  I’m as big as I was before the dieting started. Where could all those pounds have been hiding.

There’s no way I will ever understand, so lets talk about something I do understand—Presidential politics.  How many Clintons or other Bushes can still run for President?  Bill has a brother but you can forget that.  However, there is Doro, Neil, and Marvin (I think, but since this is a blob and nothing has to be factual, just go with it.)  Anyway, it doesn’t feel right that only one dynasty has enough people to run for President well into the next century, so it makes sense  that Doro should probably run against Hillary and then that’s it. No more Clintons, No more Bushes, no more political dynasty’s of any kind….. except perhaps the slender Burnetts .  We’re just sayin’…. Iris

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